Swinging in the Temporal Realm of COVID

Two of the Toronto sex clubs re-opened in recent weeks. Pardon me, Toronto's lifestyle clubs. One of those clubs, Club M4, is a place my regular readers will recognize. In the club's initial location, along Lake Shore Blvd in Toronto's west end, it was the setting for the opening scene of my first novel, "Just Prey." It was also the club where I was honored to enjoy my first book signing event three years ago. The club's new location is just a touch further west, in Mississauga, ON. The other club that has re-opened is Club NYX in Oakville...a little further west, yet. Generally speaking, I support these clubs on what they do and how they do it. I have my preferences mostly due to how inclusive I feel some of the [Read more...]

Dogging Questions


Ellen pulled Roland by the hand along through the cool breeze as they walked up the hill towards her place. The taste of his cum was still in her mouth, and her pussy was beginning to complain that, so far, it had only had three orgasms. The brunette couple that had been watching them in the abandoned building was on their heels. Ellen stopped and turned to the couple. "I have a question." She guessed these two were a little younger and less experienced than she was. If right, that put twenty years difference between them and Roland. Though Roland had held his own in the abandoned building, she suspected he was not all that experienced yet. That needed to change. Roland almost fell over from Ellen's lurched stop. Turning, he saw the [Read more...]

Unknown, Yet Sex Sells Everything

Sex is unknown. Shocking, I know, but after all this time we keep redefining what is and isn't sex. Not all that long ago, I watched John Oliver interview a real victim that Bill Clinton apparently did not have sex with. Yet now, oral sex is very much sex. Or is it? As I discussed two weeks back, some consider BDSM play, without penetration, as sex. Some don't. Depends upon whom you're talking to. Then we have another politician in the US that cannot spend any time alone with another woman for fear "mother" will think he is flirting with her and that is construed as sex in his world. Time to flip the coin. The boxing ring offers us a scantily clad female walking around with the round number. Bikini wearing busty babes are at all the [Read more...]

Truth’s Bluff

Truth is a comedian that often wears a cloak of fact to deceive. It likes to bluff in this game of life. The fact is that truth is about belief, bias, perception, and decision. Fact, itself, rarely influences truth. https://twitter.com/cpmcclennan/status/320522770255585280 I've tweeted that more than once, but as you can see, it is seven years since the last time. I used hashtags that were not necessary to the point, but they were (and still are) my truth. We atheists are often very good at covering our truth with a wallpaper of facts, legitimate or not. Funny, in that it is a similar tactic to those that push religious dogma. I've don't this, myself. Below is a gorgeous tune by Don Henley that I've searched for a [Read more...]

Negotiating Consent

Bondage, discipline, dominance and submission, sadomasochism...this is BDSM in a nutshell. Though I don't think it likes being in a nutshell. BDSM would get very grumpy were it in a nutshell. The concept of BDSM is as an umbrella over a wide awry of concepts. GQ, of all publications, gives a very vanilla and beginner A-Z list of some BDSM concepts. Can we be honest here? GQ is not the magazine you want to use for info on BDSM. On my scanning it, the one thing it does get right is the complete need for enthusiastic and knowledgable consent for those that practice any form of BDSM respectfully. Seriously, though, go to Fetlife. In essence, it is the social media site for those practicing BDSM. You'll find every possible [Read more...]