Trust Loss on Facebook

This post is addressed directly at my, alleged, Facebook friends.

I just got a very frightening message on Facebook.

Frightening in that, due to past relationships and the fact that I really didn’t want to fight with anyone, I had this person blocked…and yet, somehow, they were able to send me a message.  Facebook security aside, and I will be taking it up with them…I suspect I know who has been speaking with this person…well, I have a group pegged…and as such, I will be addressing that.

I haven’t changed other than the fact that I am no longer doing anything with expectations.  I still write a bit of charged erotica which, according to said blocked person, has been declared ‘pervy’ by some…much as I always did on FB and MK before it…as well, I get into a bit of other politics and crap like that as well.  Perhaps a scarier thought, for those offended by such, I’ve published this ‘pervy’ material for actual cash money.

If you don’t like it…don’t read it.  If it bothers you that much, unfriend me now and I won’t judge you one way or the other…not my schtick.  I will judge taddling, however…and it doesn’t look good, and now I no longer trust most of those on my FB list…of my current 90 something friends, I right now feel I can trust about five, maybe ten of you…and this is extremely disappointing as I thought better of all of you.  I thought we were all adults here.

My bad, I guess.  I suppose the one delusion I haven’t yet corrected is my willingness to easily trust.

Folks, I’m just here to play and have some fun.  I’m not looking to be scolded by idiots over something they really have no business knowing about.  I am just extremely disappointed in you, whoever pointed this person in my direction…bad form.

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