Network of Social Flaws

So a guy sets up a web poll to decide the fate of his unborn child…

Doesn’t sound as funny as a joke about walking into a bar, but this is reality television, folks.

Was listening to a replay of a radio discussion from yesterday with my AM 640 Toronto morning guy, John Oakley, and the American punk from Minnesota who has the a fore mentioned website.

I am all for pro choice on such things. I don’t like it as a birth control, but better that than an ill-treated, unwanted child. Besides, unless the child involved is mine, it is not for me to decide.

However, this is the social networking generation and it seems we have finally found a way to trivialize the basic concepts. Choose life or death with a simple click of the mouse…and don’t forget to visit our advertisers’ websites.

A couple of points on this interview. Oakley first treated the guy as legitimate. The interview soon degraded into the guy being annoyed that Oakley had not clicked on his website before Oakley finally blew up and hung up on him. I’ve never heard Oakley blow up like that before on a guest…not to say he hasn’t, I’ve just never heard it.

I cannot decide if the kid was pushing his website to increase ad revenue or pump his own ego. The latter is the scarier of these two.

This fucker, by playing Russian Roulette with the life of a potential child, has become a pseudo celebrity and I am sure that ego is inflaming with every radio host that calls. This is the legacy of the social networking generation.

Combine the arguments of pro choice and pro free speech, without responsibility and POOF!…here we are.

I am not a big one on celeb watching anyway, but these days that status seems to be bestowed not based on talent nor ability…instead it is given to he who can wave his arms, flash his lights and yell the loudest.

Stephen Hawking is the exception…Rush Limbaugh is the rule.

Just think how, without social networking, we might not have found Justin Bieber…I know…almost makes one wish we could go back in time and stop that from happening.

Life has become about making your life sound as awesome as possible through status updates and blogs like this…paraphrasing the D-O-D’s Beefs 2010…all hail omlettia.

Some days life would be so much better if the general public would begin to subscribe to three simple words:


Remember…sharing your life on Facebook and Twitter is a choice. Living one, is not.

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