Air Time

I guess world news has shut down today…if you believe our border mates to the south.

Say what you will about the Yanks…they know how to celebrate. I could do without the turkey…just not my favourite…but sub in a steak and I’m there. Food, drink, and football…who could ask for anything more?

I’m currently sitting at the pub and going to watch the beginning of the Dallas-New Orleans football game. Three other clients in the place…unfortunately, I’m the only one who isn’t known. A bit annoying when they talk across the room at each other over me.

However a fourth guy just came in…Frenchie…who I actually do know. I’m not sure it is a good thing, but guess I’m now a regular at this place.

So will have a few drinks and a burger…plus watching the football pregame show that seems to be featuring overseas troops who are all waving Fox Sports signs…guess that’s why they’re fighting over there. To keep corps like Fox News and Fox Sports going.

Of course I say this and always forget to point out one minor detail here…two lines of military are now being shown and each side is holding up a jersey for the combatants this aft…those jerseys are corporate logos in themselves.

Hmm…so we have people fighting overseas to protect the rights of people to eat turkey and watch a business owned by billionaires where millionaires go out and bash each other’s brains in.

It does make one wonder. In essence, professional sports fans are not consuming a product…we’re consuming air time.

Think about who we’re paying to do this. We’re paying the pub for the beer. The pub, in turn, is paying the cable/satellite company for the game. The satellite company is paying the network in the US for rights to show the game. The network is paying the league for the rights to the game. The league is paying the teams for the rights to use their logos and such. The teams are paying the players to play. And, finally, the players are paying the hookers their wives “don’t know about”.

I should have just flown to Dallas and got a hooker. Would have been more direct way to pay her.

Hmmm…think I’ve talked myself out of watching this game here.

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