Entitle This!

I have been doing some transcribing lately of interviews to assist with deaf literacy.

As I have stated here before, I am losing my hearing…and that runs in my family.  I do have one deaf cousin but that was doctor’s error back in the early 1960s when she was born.  Suffice to say, I know a bit about the surface area of this subject.  As a kid, due to said cousin, we used to get together on a Sunday after church and have sign language lessons…about thirty of us in the family.  For my brother and I, typically, it was more playtime, but we learned a bit…what can I say?  I was like eight or nine at the time.

Most of these interviews I am transcribing are discussing with employers about what would make it easier to hire and work with the deaf or deaf blind.  The one I just completed, however, was one with an educator at…and I don’t know specifics, but she was from a college or university.

Something in this interview caught my attention…scared me just a wee bit, you might say.

I’ll paraphrase, but she mentioned how some are not given the proper environment for testing and assessments…key word ‘some’…not some deaf, nor some blind…’SOME’!  And, in context, that is how she meant it.

Now, I have a real issue with this as it sounds like that age old claim that so many of us now think is our right…ENTITLEMENT.

Schools…colleges…universities are not a perfect set up…but they are the best we have.  The entire point of a test is to show that, under pressure, we can use whatever information was given to us by the instructors.

Skill of instructors and quality of curriculum aside…it is a good way to test us all on an even playing field.

I do agree that certain issues arise when dealing with the sensory disabled in one form or another…take the deaf, for example…in an ‘oral’ exam, meaning the questions are signed to them, we cannot have students constantly walking back and forth and blocking their view of the interpreter…those of us who can still hear, unless said walkers are carrying large ghetto blasters with Ozzy Ozbourne telling us not to cry as they go…not even an issue.  One other issue the deaf have, at least on this continent, is that American Sign Language is not English equivalent.  In essence making these people English as a Second Language students and not only do they have to work hard to simply communicate, but literacy becomes a huge issue.

However, I have no problem about educational institutions working with the sensory disabled to help them educate through any means possible…other than simply giving them the answers and then legislating that employers must hire them…which is a discussion I’ll get into another day about how bad an idea affirmative action is now.

Back to my initial point though, as this original statement was about everyone…I know I did not do well at university.  Had I known there were alternate ways to be examined, I’m sure I could have found one much less intrusive than memorizing John Keynes’ theories and trying to remember them.  I probably could have found a good way to bluff through the fact I had no interest in studying.

Ironic…Ozzy is now singing “No More Tears” on my iTunes…I didn’t fix this, I swear.

I have no problem with Liberal views on helping those that cannot…giving them a hand up…however, I have severe issues with helping those that will not…and I was one of those…some days, I still am.  We, as a society, have become so accustomed to watching the grieving family in Florida who just lost their mobile home and are crying for help because they have no insurance, no jobs, and no luck…sometimes…SOMETIMES…that family is legitimate and has had a run of bad luck.  However, how many of them were already feeding on welfare off the public teat?  How many gave up trying and are or were just waiting until their benefits ran out, or until they got caught?

Political correctness…as a theory…could be one of the worst ever that humanity has come up with.  I understand and agree that we should not generalize and put down people simply on race, creed, or even beliefs that don’t agree with ours…however, it seems to me that commenting on someone’s work ethic has inadvertently now been covered under this as well.

If they are a bum…kick their ass.

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