Interdenominational Carlin

Today is the Santa Claus parade in these here parts. Being I have a horse involved in this, we’re loading her up shortly. During this parade, I will proudly trundle along, shovel in hand, behind said horse…well, proud-ish. I’m also guessing that the part of Santa will not be played by Tim Allen…and, next to Die Hard, that first “The Santa Clause” film is the only one I watch every year.

Now, if the fact that I’m Pagan and involved with the Christmas parade bothers you…in the immortal words of George Carlin…you’re just going to have to figure that shit out on your own.

There is, once again, just a dusting of snow out here. For those not knowing what dusting means in this context…if the sun decides to poke out…or if Mother Earth even thinks about sneezing, it will be gone.

Well, is it time for coffee yet?

Luckily, being it is a small town, this parade is relatively short. Unluckily they have picked the coldest morning, so far, to hold it on. In fact, as I sit and sip my coffee before we head out, we seem to be having our first real snow storm starting up. In the time it has taken me to write this blog…now on second edit…we are almost completely covered in white out there now.

I do wonder, though, what Mr. Carlin would have said about Pagans shoveling horse shit in the snow during a Santa Claus parade…

Lastly, for those wondering how well “Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl” did as a date film…well enough that we’re doing it again tonight, except that our picture of choice will be “…And Now For Something Completely Different”. Won’t belong before we get to the Holy Grail of dates, no doubt…again with all these religious references, go and figure this shit out on your own.

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