Rant About an Ex-Wife

I am steaming mad. Have a few minutes to cool off whilst my kids are busy decorating the tree with grandma, so will blow it off here.

As some who read this are aware, my oldest daughter got her first job on stage doing a professional theatre show of Joseph and his Dreamcoat. With this mixed up weekend, I had the opportunity to drop her off and pick her up from the matinee they did this afternoon. First time I have done both for a single show.

As my youngest and I returned to the theatre, we sat and talked for about ten minutes before heading inside. She mentioned to me how she was excited to go and see her sister’s show again on her (my youngest’s) upcoming birthday next week…she and her mother had already gone on opening night. It was then mentioned that each of the kids in the show have been given a free set of tickets…in the case of mine, for the night of her birthday…my little one mentioned how, seeing as they had already bought tickets, they gave the free ones to their baby sitter…

My eyes went red as I actually had to hold back tears.

I am not a rich man. In fact, I was layed off back in the fall of 2008 and, after eight months off work, accepted a job that was a good third less than what I was making previously…and have yet to get a cost of living increase, never mind an actual raise. My child support costs have not gone down with this wage loss…I could probably fight this, but for the sake of my kids I chose not to. Combine that with $2000 in car repairs this Christmas season (and if Xmas gifts are not bad enough, as mentioned it is my youngest birthday next week).

So to hear that I was not the first choice for these free tickets, well…odds are good the baby sitter wasn’t even a first thought, with grand parents, uncles and aunts on her side, I probably was not even the tenth thought in this case.

Admittedly, I’ve calmed. I have come to realize how rare they think of me when I am not around. I talk to them most nights on the phone…but extremely rare that I am receiving that call as opposed to initiating it…perhaps once a month or so.

Sometimes I just like to think I’m in there somewhere…to know those little heads might think of me sometimes…but it seems this is the lot in life of the divorced father.

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