More Morning Wood

Hard to wake in a big empty bed.

Always wake up thinking to roll over, go back to sleep and wake again when a goddess mystically appears for me to please.

Do not get me wrong here…every guy has his typical guy moments. Whether gay, straight, priest or whatever, we would all be happy to awake finding our cock being sucked…in those three suggestions, just would be a difference in whom would be doing the sucking. Point is we’re all selfish, in one way or another.

However, I am one who feels that…much as I enjoy that feeling, it should be more a reward of pleasing her first. Get her to her comfortably uncomfortable best orgasm and she will reward me ten fold…rinse and repeat.

I could not, for example, succeed as a dom…unless I believed she derived pleasure from it…and with my mind set, that would be quite a stretch. I know how some find collars pleasurable, but I have a hard time seeing that. I just always have issues with being forceful in any nature when it comes to a goddess.

The most forceful I have been, that I recall, was pushing her down on the bed…although, I did recently walk up behind one lover on the front porch of my place and, without notice, lifted her skirt…she did not object at all even as the cars moved by on the road. I figure someone out there has those pictures.

There seem to be many who crave the idea of being taken. Just being wanted so badly that their lover cannot stop themselves. Of course, it the goodness of this depends on who is doing the ‘taking’ as there are laws (rightfully so) about strangers doing it. It is a funny area, really as some fantasize about the idea even with the dangers…again, something I could not fathom.

Point being, this morning I could take her. Crave the taste of her juices as much as the warmth I would find from her mouth and nether regions…would feel her power as she rides until she shudders and moans in pleasure and then, perhaps rewards me with the view of her eyes staring up at me as she takes me in her mouth…watching her giggle as she realizes just how much power she wields at that moment.

Again…even men who see themselves as powerful want this. Yet, that wonderful sensation is likely the most physically vulnerable position for a guy. Just think about what her teeth could do…both good and bad.

Again, in my case, after pleasing her, only good things seem to come…or cum, as she licks it off her lips.


  1. Hi

    My Dom derives pleasure from his use of me, but ONLY because it brings me pleasure to be treated like that. It is not just about His needs, it is about our needs, I need the dominance and He needs to be dominant. Perfect match. He loves me for many reasons but my willingness to submit to His will is one of them, without His drive and dominance I would never be able to explore my boundries and darkness in the way I need to.

    As for the power when he is on my mouth, there is none, my mouth belongs to him just like the rest of me does, to use my teeth would e to destroy the trust and D/s bond that we share.


    great post as usual…..


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