Turn About is Fair Play

beer erotica“You have any wheat beers?”

The question surprised him as she did not look like a beer drinker. He watched the bartender, a tank of a man in a black vest over his white shirt and red tie. The bartender mumbled an answer.

“I’ll have one.” She held up one finger. Her green eyes smiled from under her pageboy red hair. Her pale skin was slightly rouged by her makeup. She wore the infamous “little black dress” over her ample bosom and long black nyloned crossed legs. Stiletto heels adorned her feet with one on the bar’s foot rest. The diamond on her finger was almost too noticeable.

He watched from his own bar stool, unobserved. He dusted a crumb off his red sweater and glanced down at the burger in front of him. His belly was sore as it hung over his belt. He was afraid to move for fear of disappointing her.

She was not skinny, but her curves made her real to him. The word ‘Milf’ crossed his mind.

He imagined what it would have been like to be with her. What it would have felt like to have her.

She glanced over at him and, having caught his gaze before he could look away, she grinned. She picked up her beer, Sam Adams, he noticed and moved over to the stool beside him.

“Hi.” She smiled at him.

“Ah, hi.”

She glanced around at the rest of the empty bar. “How is your night going?”

He picked his napkin off his lap and wiped his mouth. “Good, nothing too exciting. Yours?”

“Forgive me if I’m overstepping, but I’m bored and horny. Oh, and I’m Roxy, by the way.”

It took all his concentration to keep his mouth from dropping open. “I’m Cliff.”

“Well, Cliff. My husband is off boinking his secretary this evening, and this will be a one-time-only offer. Do you have a room?”

Cliff nodded.

Roxy giggled. “You’re cute.”

As the door closed, she threw her arms around him and kissed him deep. She pushed him up against the wall in front of the full length mirrored closet doors. She dropped to her knees and went to work on his belt.

“Ah…the bed is over…”

She laughed as she tugged the belt free. “I like a big man. However, you can’t watch me if we go over there.”

She had his pants unzipped and unbuttoned so fast that he was afraid she had ripped them. That worry was doused as he felt the warmth of her tongue on his already erect cock.

Another surprise as he was a big man in more ways than one, she slowly took all of him into her mouth. As he watched her reflection through the mirror, he could hear her gagging while feeling the back of her throat. Then a new sensation as her tongue slipped out and ran along his balls while his full length was still in her mouth

She brought him to the brink of orgasm before stopping. She stood in front of him and bent down to kiss him again. Her hands still holding on to him as she whispered in his ear, “I cum first.”

She led her tugboat to the bed as he penguin walked behind her. She pushed him back and pulled his shoes off, one by one. His socks were quickly stripped as well before she tugged his pants off. Pulling him up to sitting, she had his red sweater off and then forced him back down.

She crawled on the bed and using his belly for stability she lifted her right leg over his head. Pulling her skirt up, he found that the nylons were just stockings, and she wore no underwear. She sat on his face hard. Within seconds his chin and nose were drenched as his tongue searched for her nectar.

She moaned and wriggled as his hands reached up and grabbed her ass.

She screamed into two orgasms before she let him up for air.

She got off of him and reached for her bag. She produced a three-pack of condoms. The first she ripped open, pulled the reservoir into her mouth and rolled it onto him using her teeth.

She quickly mounted him and lifted herself, one hand on his belly, the other guiding his cock.

He closed his eyes as he felt the tip push into her tight…

“Another beer, sir?”

Cliff glanced at his still half eaten burger. “Um…yes. I’m finished with this as well.”

The tank grunted before picking up the plate and cutlery.

The redhead offered him a smile as she tipped back her bottle. Her eyes showed sadness that he hated seeing.

His beer was delivered. He dropped some bills for the tank and stood. He walked over to the stool beside her.

“Hi.” He smiled at her.

“Ah, hi.” Her eyes were now suspicious.

He glanced around at the rest of the empty bar. “How is your night going?”

“Okay, thanks.”

He nodded and sipped. “Forgive me if I am overstepping but you look like you need someone to listen.”

Her smile brightened the entire room for him.


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