Was not going to be online today, but I am sitting alone with the Doberman in the car as my date for the day has gone into the barn to check on her horse.

The Doberman is not happy.

I am feeling much better. Still have to cold but this morning is the first time in four days I have felt well enough to go out.

Called my kids this morning and they got flooded with gifts (as predicted) by their mother. That’s only the beginning as they will be off to their her parents later today as well. That type of excess that they are going through today always bothers me. Not much I can do from here.

I guess this is the punishment for picking badly on relationships. I miss my kids something awful this morn…but I am scared to think of the mess I would be in if I had stayed with their mother.


  1. I know that feel sooooo well. I have to say the amount of valuable gifts my ex showers on my kids is something that I am very uncomfortable with. In particular my son seems to be very effected by it and I find he can become a bit of a present monster. Is there any more, when do we get presents from so and so etc. I try to be more cautious, and have actively cut down on the gifts over the last couple of years. This year my son wanted a netbook, which I agreed to on the condition that he saved up some money and helped with the cost. I am proud of the way he has saved and worked hard at not spending all his pocket money. I hope he will learn to treasure it more for having done that

    Merry Christmas



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