Snow Gods

I admit…I slept through most of today again. Hoping this may be the last day like this, though.

Finally starting to feel myself again…just as the snow dances down from the sky again. Perhaps the snow gods showed pity on me, but by the end of New Years day we had nothing left other than slight piles left by snow plows along the street. Looking out there that night was like looking at a glowing landing strip under the Moon.

The flurries began, again, last night and have been on and off all day today. Watching I drift down from the clouds to cleanse the ground anew. Now, the ground is barely carpeted, just kissed by the snow gods…being the snow has stayed, I would suggest there was some tongue involved.

Rumour has it that we will have enough snow to call it pornography tomorrow…you know that snow. The type that we all love to see fall, but most automatically complain and bitch as it makes them feel awkward.

There is no sledding going on at the moment. The are no skidoos on the road. There have not even been touques (winter hats…for the none Canadians) needed.

This winter has been damned near un-Canadian. The snow should be here right through until March.

Sounds like we’re all back to normal tomorrow…thank the gods.


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