I unplugged a bit this weekend. Other than football scores, I heard no news, weather or other sports. Just pulled my wings in to reset my bearings a touch.

Back to work this morning and listening to the news about the shooting in Arizona of 20 people. An assassination attempt on a congresswoman that critically wounded her, but killed six bystanders…of whom the biggest deal is being made about a young girl that was born on Sept 11, 2001.

It is interesting about how both political wings have taken shots to blame the other for this.

The American left suggesting that right wing talk has been laced with violent suggestions. A Tea Party website had this particular congresswoman, literally, in their sites. Using slogans like “don’t retreat…reload” and other such devices.

The right is suggesting that the mental state of the shooter is due to a lax Liberal upbringing. Blame the parents…the society that allowed him into a drug induced rage. Even accusations of the gunman being an occultist.

Now, being I have some experience with the occult, I can argue that last point myself…but really is moot for what I am seeing.

Jesus is coming! Quick, blame someone!

Am I the only one who sees this?

They do not really care about those involved. All they care about is selling new papers. Selling ad time as people tune in to Ed Schulz or Rush Limbaugh so they can be told who to blame for this.

Even with natural disasters they come out of the woodwork. Some have suggested that both the New Orleans and Haiti disasters were ‘God’ punishing the people for their wicked ways.

How about we try something new? Perhaps…and I know this will be tough…but how about we stop rushing to blame and, instead, just solve the problem.

Of course, there are situations where we need to find blame in order to solve it, or make sure it does not happen again…but it should not be politicized. In this most recent situation, we do need to get into this kid’s head…but that should be left to the professionals and not the press or political pundits.

The news should only bring us facts…not conjecture on such things.

But, I guess it is human nature to get bogged down in gossip. Lies and truth don’t matter…give us dirty laundry.

Maybe I should just unplug permanently. Ignorance, this weekend, would be much more fun.

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  1. I so agree with you here. I know America politics has always had its agressive side but right now it seems the knives are out and all fighting talk is permitted. Its not nice and it’s not pretty and as for the role of some of the more extreme churches. I am bemused by there stance on this and their belief that they have God on their side when in fact it would seem to me that all they have is a rather special and dangerous level of insanity



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