Turn About Last Exit


Cliff stood in the hallway and knocked three times quickly. “Heather?” He pulled his coat tighter around him.

The door made unlatching noises before it opened. Heather, the Amazon, smiled out at him. “You’re not Sheldon.”


The Barenaked Ladies crooned from the television in the apartment. “Never mind. Did you want to come in?” She opened the door for him.

“I’m sorry, but the power is out at my place and it is too cold.”

“Awww.” She was in a black house coat with bare ankles and feet visible. Her brunette hair was freshly washed and braided. “Coffee? Tea? Hot chocolate? Whiskey?” She giggled at the last one.

Cliff stripped his over coat and scarf off and laid it over top one of her kitchen chairs. “How about coffee with a shot of whiskey.”

“Sure.” She bent down and kissed him lightly.

For a moment, they were both shocked by the feeling.

“Sit down,” she offered.

Cliff picked a spot on the flowered fabric couch and stared at the television while four nerds caused the TV to laugh.

She wandered over to the counter. Filling the coffee pot with water, the maker was shortly bubbling.

Cliff was surprised at how the show was actually funny. He did not normally care for comedies.

Heather padded back over to the couch and stopped in front of him. With no words, she pushed him back on the couch and straddled him.

This kiss was much deeper and their tongues intertwined.

Cliff pulled away. “But we’ve only gone out once?”

She laughed and started to untuck his red sweater. “Shut up and fuck me. I don’t want a boyfriend…l

Not sure how to take the last statement, Cliff just followed her directions.

She stripped his sweater from him and started working on his belt buckle.

Cliff spread the lapels of her house coat and had her moaning as his tongue played with her nipples. He was impressed as she was not too big and not too small. He pushed the coat down her back and continued to explore her pale skin. A slight tummy roll and good hips, he thought were gorgeous.

She continued struggling with his belt and started to giggle. “Think I need some help.”

He slipped his hands between them and undid his belt and pants.

His hands slipped under her house coat and found beautiful warm thighs. He leaned up and kissed her again. He pulled his hands out and undid the belt on the robe, allowing it to fall to the floor.

Her breasts were warm against his chest. Her back was explored by his fingertips.

“Make me cum,” she whispered in his ear.

He pushed the goddess’ naked body back on the couch. He got up on his knees and his lips found the hollow of her throat. His lips started to explore where his fingertips had. They slowly moved down to her bare shoulders.

She squirmed beneath him, and her hands rain over his bald head.

He continued down her torso, enjoying the feel of her breasts again, before continuing on lower. Finding her have and belly, he skipped to her thighs, continuing until he was upright and sucking her toes. “Turn over,” he requested.

She did slowly with his help.

His lips returned to her neck, this time from her back. His still clothed erection slipped between her ass cheeks.

Her legs spread and allowed his cock to drag between her legs. “You’re wearing too much,” she gasped.

“For now,” he whispered in her ear before sucking on her lobe. Again his tongue went lower, following his fingertips along her spine and to her lower back. His tongue circled and darted until it got to the top of her ass crack.

She moaned and tried to look back at him.

His hands spread her cheeks and his tongue continued lower. He stopped briefly to take a slight bite of one cheek. Then his tongue returned to its path. He stopped briefly to circle her anus before finally lightly touching her pussy lips.

Her moan grew louder and her squirm stronger.

His tongue ran along each lip lightly. Then slipped between them and pushed more forceably deeper.

Her moans turned to screams as her orgasm took her.

Cliff drank all of her as she came. Enjoying her taste, his face was soaked as he finally pulled back.

She sat up and kissed his wet lips hard. Her hand finding his erection, still covered by the fabric of his pants.

Cliff, with her direction, stood up. She pushed his pants and boxers to the floor and, using her feet, helped pull them off of him.

She stood and pressed her naked body against his. “My turn. Lie down.”

Without any question, Cliff lay on his stomach.

She followed his lead as her lips started at his throat. They felt like butterfly wings as they worked down his spine.

He got Heather’s earlier joke as her hands massaged his back and the TV squawked with three knocks and the tall geek asking the door, “Penny?”

Her hands and lips found the back of his thighs and continued down his calves and she nipped at his ankles.

Her breath was warm in his ear as she licked his lobe and spoke, “Turn over.” Before he could, however, one of her hands slipped up along the inside of his thighs and brushed his testicles, sending a shiver through him.
He slowly flipped over.

She knelt beside him and the massage restarted on the front of his shoulders and down his chest. As her tongue found his navel, her hand slipped to his shaft and grasped it. She grinned up at him, “Do you like to watch yourself being sucked off?”

Cliff was barely able to answer. “Who doesn’t?”

“Good, I like being watched.”

He locked eyes with her and watched her lips kiss this tip of his cock. She ran her tongue down his shaft and back up before circling the tip. Finally she took it in her mouth and began sucking. She held him there until she was licking his cum from her lips.

Her hand remained lightly stroking him. “Make me cum again?”

His erection returned faster than he possibly could have imagined.

She crawled on top and mounted him, causing them both to moan.

Cliff awoke as sunlight filtered in the window. He suddenly felt his erection wrapped in warmth and almost screamed in pleasure.

Looking down, he saw the white duvet bobbing above his nether regions. He waited and enjoyed until he felt her throat muscles working pleasurably to swallow what he had produced.

Heather emerged from under the duvet with a big smile, and a drip of cum on her chin. She kissed him enthusiastically.

“Wow,” was all Cliff could muster.

She giggled, “Make me cum again, and then you better go home.”


“My boyfriend is coming over for lunch.”

“Boyfriend?” He thought for a moment. “So this is the only time?”

She kissed him again. “I didn’t say that. You’re welcome in my bed anytime.”


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