Clair in His Dreams


Jack stood and screamed in celebration with the packed crowd at the Rogers Centre.  The murmur in the crowd slowly increased as the last few seconds ticked down on the game clock.

The announcer, apparently, felt the need to remind everyone, “Only ten seconds and the Argos will have won the 100th edition of the Grey Cup!”

The crowd, mostly in blue jerseys and shirts, cheered and began to count down with the clock, “TEN! NINE! EIGHT! SEVEN!…”

Jack stopped and lowered himself into his seat.  “Wait a sec,” he whispered.  The scene around him froze as though he had clicked pause.  His mouth dropped open as his head scanned the other 50,000 people, frozen in silent celebration.  Most stood without faces he could discern.


Jack spun to find Jake smiling in the seat beside him.

“What’s wrong?”

“Ummm…well, for starters…” he gestured at the crowd.

Jake looked around and nodded, seeming to notice the oddness of the frozen crowd for the first time.  “Oh, yeah.  Argos are winning, that’s fabulous.  Means you’ll be horny when you get home.”

“Second, the 100th Grey Cup is in 2012.  Last I recall, this is 2011.”

“Good point.”

Jack looked at his husband and shrugged.  “What the fuck?”

Jake laughed.  “Almost seems like heaven, doesn’t it?”

“Were this heaven, I would be…”

The scene changed.  Suddenly the stadium became a smaller dance club with lights.  Hundreds of naked people were there.  Some danced.  Some fucked.  Some watched the football game that Jack had just been at on the large screens around the room.  In the background the voice of Kim Mitchell screamed about his “Rock n’ Roll Duty”.

Suddenly, Jack was taken by the pleasure of his penis being sucked on.  Looking down, both Jake and Clair were on their knees in front of  him and taking turns.  His orgasm snapped the scene back to frozen.

“WAIT!!!” Jack screamed.  “What the fuck?”

Jack and Clair both stood in front of him.

“What’s wrong?” Clair asked.

“This isn’t right?” Jack looked around the club.  All the other patrons were faceless.  His hand smacked his own cheek.  “What is this?”

Jake kissed him.  “It’s you.”

“I’m dreaming?”

Clair smirked and nodded.  “That works.  Just enjoy it, you deserve to enjoy it.”  Her hand had a firm grasp of his hard cock.

“I’m dreaming of what, though?”

Jack hugged him and whispered in his ear, “You’re the dreamer.  What do you want to dream of?”

The scene changed again.  This time he found himself on his bed.  Lou Gramm and Foreigner sang in the background asking him to “Say You Will”.  Jack was on his knees and, in the candle light, he saw his hard cock disappear into Jake’s mouth.  Clair embraced him from behind and kissed his neck.

“This is what I want,” he whispered.

He orgasmed quickly and yet his erection never ended.  He orgasmed twice more, once inside Clair and once inside Jack.

Again, Clair was down on him.

Jack whispered, “This still isn’t right.”

Clair glanced up at him.  “Why?”

“Too real.  Too long.  It just isn’t…”

Jake got up off the bed and turned the television on just in time to hear the announcer say, “Only ten seconds and the Argos will have won the 100th edition of the Grey Cup!”

Jake walked straight and easy, even without his cane, and took a sip from a water glass beside the TV.  Turning to face the bed, he asked, “What’s the last thing you remember?”

Jack thought, which was not easy with his cock in Clair’s mouth.  “I was driving Clair home.  We were talking about getting tickets for next year’s Grey Cup since it is here in town.”

Clair took him deeper into her mouth, and lightly stroked his balls with her fingertips.

“Clair screamed and I saw headlights…”  He orgasmed into her mouth again.


The doctor placed the paddles on Jack’s bare bloodied chest and pressed the trigger.

Jack’s body jumped slightly, but the line remained flat on the screen.

The doctor shook his head.  “Again!”

Clair saw Jake come in from the waiting area.  Her black dress was torn and the bruises on her left leg were obvious.

Jake looked anxious, but walked slowly with his cane for support on one side and the beige handrail lining the wall on the other.  His overcoat almost looked too heavy for him.  “Where is he?”

Clair’s makeup stained her cheeks.  “They have him.”

“What…what happened?”

Clair stood and took Jake’s hand to help him sit in the chair beside her.

“He lost his arm.”

Jake’s eyes almost popped out.  “His arm?”

“The cops said the other driver was drunk.”

A few short breaths and Jake pulled himself out of his own mind.  He  pulled the bag he was carrying open and slowly pulled out a pair of sneakers.  “You’re okay?”

She slipped the shoes on over her nyloned feet.  “The truck tee boned us on his side.”  She allowed a sob to escape.  “I guess I was lucky.”

“Lucky? Oh darling…” he took her face in his hands and lightly kissed her.  He eyed the bruises on her cheeks.  He put his arms around her shoulders, but did not squeeze at the sound of a slight whimper.

“There’s the doctor…” Clair saw the man over Jake’s shoulder.

Both stood.  Jake slipped his arm under Clair’s for support and the two walked over to meet the man approaching in the blue shirt.

He held a chart in one hand and had a pocket protector full of pens.


“Clair…and this is Jack’s husband, Jake.”


Jake choked a question out as a tear rolled down his cheek, “His arm?”

The doctor paused for a moment, his eyes moving from Jake to Clair.  His hand ran through his buzz cut brown hair.  “Unfortunately, his injuries were too extensive.”

Clair gasped and clung on to Jake to hold her up.

“His heart stopped.  We tried to revive him, but…”

Clair’s head spun enough that she did not feel it smack off the floor.

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