Drifting Snow

I lay in bed, hovering towards the beyond that would be sleep and am already seeing the vision of her.

The darkness outside is pierced by the Moon reflecting her light off the unspoiled snow.

The snow glows, showing off her curves.

The first curve is the nape of her neck that I want to dine on as the appetizer.

The next curve is the perfect rise of her hip as she lay on her side…a place my hand will guide her to relax.

As she does lay back, the next curve would be the perfect rising of her breasts. A place that will flow with her breathing as she anticipates my acts.

Her knees, an area that I particularly enjoy the back of where the hamstrings can help tune the notes she will be moaning in due time.

Her toes that should be studied well along with the curvature of each foot. Tickling is only annoying if it is resisted.

Finally is the area that I skipped. A slight curve up from her navel and down to her calves. A place where my tongue will dance to her vocal intensity…the higher her note, the faster the dance…

Let’s tango.

Allow me to please her in such ways that she will blush in the simplest of thoughts. To the point where tears of want will stream the next time my secret lover sees me from afar.

Allow me to create this need, fill it, and leave her wanting it again and again until her body has no strength left and collapses into such a beautiful slumber.

Allow me to play in her glowing snow drift and make her sing like the soprano to my conductor.

Allow me to build her orgasm as an architect would build a library. Creating knowledge so that I can do it with but the correct look. A look that only she knows and has no defense for. A look that causes her knees to shake and body to sweat.

I wish to leave her snow melting and dripping. Leave it so it must rebuild again before the next time I receive her favour…the pleasure of exploring her snow drift and pleasing her again.

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