Gray’s Best Photo Ever

“Are you ready?”

Two female voices answered from the other room, “Yes!” Laughter ensued.

His bare chest muscles rippled as he pulled the comb through his hair. “You’re hot,” Gray whispered to the man with salt and pepper hair and goatee in the mirror. He mockingly kissed each forearm before returning the comb to the bathroom drawer. He had black sweat pants tied at the waist.

Flipping off the light, he came out to the living room. The candles on the coffee table showed the blonde and brunette sitting on the couch in deep conversation. Both women looked up on his entrance.

He smiled broadly and assumed they were impressed. “Are you sure you’re ready?”

Both women stood.

The blonde was in a short black leather skirt and bra. Her boots almost came up to the bottom of her skirt. Her hair was in a ponytail and showed off a number of piercings in each ear. “I’m definitely ready.” Even with the tall boot heals she was still a full head shorter than Gray.

“Me, too,” the brunette agreed. She had a burgundy leather vest over top of a black mini skirt giving her the look of Jennifer Garner in Elektra. Her brunette hair was down and longer than the blonde’s. Her black stockings came up to just before the bottom of her skirt. She was almost as tall as Gray, but that was with high black stiletto pumps.

Both women exchanged a laugh and giggled before embracing in a deep kiss.

“Wait, now,” Gray protested. “Camera’s in the other room.” He walked to the coffee table and blew out the candles. He then led the beauties to the bedroom.

Both sat on the edge of the navy duvet clad king bed and awaited instructions.

Gray stepped behind the camera on the tripod and checked a few buttons. “Shit!” He pushed another button. “Give me a sec. I have to find the plug as the battery is fucked.” He almost knocked over the light stand as he went to hunt for it.

He found the camera cord in a kitchen drawer. Quickly returning, he found the women making out. He hurried to plug in the camera while keeping one eye on the blonde unbuttoning the brunette’s vest. Standing back up, he fiddled with buttons again.

The blonde now had a mouthful of the brunette’s right breast. He hands both cupped the brunette’s ass and were squeezing nicely, showing off black panties under the miniskirt.

“Fuck!” The camera still was not working. “For Chrissake! This worked earlier.” He thought as he watched the women.

The two switched positions and the blonde’s bra was gone in a whisper. The brunette circled her tongue around each of the blonde’s nipples before taking each, in turn, and squeezing them between her teeth.

“I’ll get my other camera,” Gray said as though either was listening to him. He knocked the light over this time. Sparks flew as the cord ripped from the wall. “FUCK!!!”

The women glanced up from their embrace.

“Where’s the fire?” The brunette chuckled as her lips found the blonde’s navel.

Gray unwrapped his feet from the cord and walked back to the kitchen. After rummaging for a few minutes, he found the other small camera. Popping it open, he gasped again, “Fuck!” No film.

Moans were starting to rise from the other room.

Returning to the women he found both now completely naked. They were engaged in a sixty-nine and each was moaning.

Gray slumped onto the corner of the bed and waited for them without watching.

A few minutes and the blonde was screaming through an orgasm.

Gray felt them shift around on the bed and then it was the brunette’s turn.

He turned after they had finished. The brunette was on her back with the blonde’s head resting on her breast.

The brunette smiled, “How were we?”

Gray grunted in disappointment.

The blonde giggled. “A little more tip and we’ll do it again.”

“Fuck,” Gray whispered and rubbed his forehead with his palm.

The blonde slid off the brunette and lay her head on Gray’s lap. “Aw, hun, it could be worse.” She nuzzled his limp cock through his sweats.

The brunette climbed up to her knees. She knelt up behind Gray and pressed her breasts against his back with her fingers running over his well muscled chest. “Just means you’ll have to remember us without pictures.”

Gray sat upright and felt the brunette kiss his neck.

Her hands pulled the waistband of his sweats and she peered down. “Oh, darlin’. Can I ride?”

The blonde grabbed the pants and slipped his cock out, still limp. She pulled the tip into her mouth and began to suck it hard.

Gray gasped as the brunette moved from behind him and pushed him onto his back. Soon both women’s lips were working on his erection, brunette with his shaft in her mouth while the blonde lapped at his balls.

“Who’s first?” the brunette asked the blonde between sucks.

Closing his eyes, he felt the vibration of the blonde’s giggle against his balls.

The brunette straddled him.

The blonde held his erection and guided him into the brunette, and her tongue never left his balls.

Soon the brunette was moaning again until she collapsed in shuddering chaos of another orgasm on top of him. Quickly pulling off, she switched places with the blonde.

The blonde, however, straddled him in reverse and then leaned back on his erection.

The brunette’s tongue found his balls and licked along the bottom of his shaft before vanishing, Gray guessed, to the blonde’s clit.

Soon the blonde was shaking through her orgasm as well.

As she finished, she got off and both women went back to work on him until his cum was dripping off of both of them.

“See, that wasn’t so bad,” the brunette’s cum soaked lips kissed him lightly.

Gray glanced at her. “But I wanted pictures. I wanted to be Christian Bale in American Psycho.”

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