Gray’s Best Turn About Ever

“Nice,” Gray said and stepped on to the side walk with the squeak of air brakes near.

Dawn had yet to break and his breath was a white vapor in front of him. The house in front of him was a dark brown sided bungalow. The lights were off, except in the front room. The large bay window was guarded on either side by two large evergreens.

There were two figures in the front room. Both were completely naked.

The female was an athletic looking redhead. Her hair was short and curly. Her back was to the window and her head bobbed in the lap of an older bald gentleman sitting at the centre of a navy blue loveseat.

Gray let out a low whistle as the redhead stood and showed off a gorgeous ass. “Bubblebutt caboose,” he whispered to himself.

She slowly straddled her prey, kneeling over top and her hand reached between her legs to grasp a huge erection.

“Impressive, dude,” Gray said in awe. “She better be gentle or that beast’ll hurt her.”

She was. Her hand aimed it and very slowly she lowered herself onto it.

“Outstanding,” Gray said as the erection tip entered her.

“HEY ASSHOLE!” A truck horn followed.

Gray looked at the large truck where a man hung out the passenger door.

“Gray, are we workin’ or what?”

Gray glared at the man. “But Dan…,” he said pointing at the window and returning his gaze just as the light inside snapped off. “Shit!” He brushed some snow off the shoulder of his beige jumpsuit.


“Fine,” Gray picked up the first garbage can beside him and emptied it into the back of the truck. He repeated twice more before climbing onto the truck foothold and riding to the next house.

One hour ago…

Cliff walked the five minutes home from the light rail transit station at 10th Street. The snow was just starting as he marched up the walk to his bungalow.

A brunette sat on the step at the door shrouded in shadows.

“Heather? What are you doing here?”

No answer as she stood slowly.

Quickly unlocking the door and flipping on the light he invited her inside. “You’re freezing.”

In the light she had black tear marks down her cheeks. She sobbed once before finally saying, “He left.”  Her light blue jacket was much too light in this weather.  It was over top of a black tee shirt and blue jeans.  She had cut her hair into a curly pageboy.

Cliff brought her inside and heard the story. It was a typical story of her fantasies of fairy tales not meshing with her boyfriend’s fantasies of a stripper. Cliff quickly made coffee and they both sipped as her story continued until Heather’s tears seemed to finally stop.

Cliff excused himself to the washroom, nearly ready to explode as he had meant go as soon as he had gotten home but with the sidetrack was afraid to appear rude.

He was a few moments splashing water on his face. Upon returning to the kitchen he found Heather, completely naked, leaning against the wall.

She offered a small smile. “Please…want me…”

She had his red sweater and jeans off of him in record time. He turned off the kitchen light as they went into the front room. Turning on the table lamps on either side, he sat on the couch.

Heather kneeled between his legs and gave him an exquisite blowjob.  Her hair had a reddish tinge with the light in the room.  The blowjob was long and slow as her tongue teased him…she stopped and stood in front of him slowly.  Laying a knee to either side of him on the loveseat, she grasped his erection and very slowly guided him in with a sigh.

A truck horn blast from outside made them both jump.

“Shit,” Cliff whispered as he helped her off of him.  A garbage man stood out one the sidewalk in the light snow and had a beautiful view of their activities through the window.  A second one did not seem to notice as he yelled at the first.

The each turned off a light and retreated from the living room to Cliff’s bedroom.  Both were too embarrassed to continue, but fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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