Vanilla Life

Vanilla – plain and without any extras or adornments; “the most common type of bond is the straight or plain vanilla bond”; “the basic car is known as the vanilla version”

“Drink up dreamers…you’re running dry…” – Peter Gabriel

So many people have given up looking for the extraordinary in favour of the comfort of vanilla.  We all save for tomorrow without knowing when the flood will come.  We sit home and pay someone to entertain us by watching their product placements flash across a screen at a million miles per hour.

We all wait for something…have been waiting a very long time rather than getting up and making our lives happen on our own.  We sit back in our vegetable maker recliner chairs and watch the Sun and Moon chase each other across the sky…while we feed our faces with the products we saw on the latest episode of Glee or Monday Night Football.

We sit there continuing to wait…while the flood may come at any moment.  The flood that will quickly, without mercy, snuff out the candle of our lives.  This flood is created by no god and cannot be stopped by your prayers requesting mercy…it just comes and takes everything with it when it does.

So what are you waiting for?  What happens when the stores run out of vanilla?  What will you watch then?


  1. Shit, this post is like a punch in my stomach. So true and very hard to digest. Still, when someone have a full speed life behind, are old and uninteresting with a body that sometimes whisper “no thanks life”, I understand if vanilla actually feels kinda relaxing and if the store runs out of it…well, I suppose people chose not to think about it. But I agree, vanilla is boring. Chili is much better…or licorice.

    1. Though I understand what you mean, I suspect that having been through the experience is a touch different than waiting for it to be handed to one. Hard to say, but I would rather sit with my memories than my fantasies…if that makes any sense.

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