Fish Nets

I think fish net stockings get a bad rep…or is it a bad wrap?

Captain Liberty

Well, it does not really matter.

Don’t blame yourself, even if others do.
– Batmanuel, The Tick

More women should wear them…perhaps we should legislate it. I suppose were we to do the right thing and make it law then we would lose interest…well, I would lose interest. I guess there is something to be said that, perhaps, we should only legislate every second or third woman to do it and rotate it every second day.

Just for kicks, let’s look at the word funeral, for a moment. Starts with ‘fun’, doesn’t it?
– The Tick

How would we police this? We cannot go around arresting every fourth woman for not wearing fish nets, can we? If we took a quarter of the women off the streets, suddenly the sex probabilities for less than aggressive guys dropps significantly…so perhaps this would not be a good idea.

So maybe I am going at this the wrong way. Maybe it is the men we should legislate to wear them. That might cut out some of the competition. That plus it would be a good way to inspire people to an entirely new line of jokes…we know that all the old jokes are yawners anyway.

Another urban myth dispelled…ninjas don’t bounce.
– Batmanuel

There you go. Let us legislate that all men wear fish nets…well, except me as my legs are too hairy and I can rarely bother shaving my face, never mind even attempting to do my legs.

Like Batmanuel…that was just a physical thing. Not that it was great…but of course I’d never tell him that…
– Captain Liberty

Did I mention that Captain Liberty wears fish nets.


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