Flux Weasels

Sitting through one of the more palatable of the TV shows my kids watch. They are not all horrible.

So were enjoying watching the band, Iron Weasel as they prepare to launch their dirty underwear into space. The show is “I’m In the Band” and I do not recall the shows for 10-year olds being quite this well written.

They even just made a reference to Back to the Future with a giant amplifier.

So there is a chicken and egg moment here for me…

Are the kids more sophisticated and, thus the shows have improved their quality…or are the shows more sophisticated (hoping to attract the viewing eyes of the parents) and, thus the kids are now more “mature”.

Now, Tripp…the main young boy character in this is wearing a Pink Floyd tee shirt, and I respect that.

I am certain however, all flux capacitor references aside, not many ten-year olds know how to be comfortably numb…and yet we seem to be breeding a generation of comfortably dumb as we continue to teach them numbers and facts while dumbing them down in concepts and creativity.

I look at what my two are doing in math and spelling…they are well beyond what I recall doing at that age. On the other hand I do not get the impression that their imagination is challenged like mine was.

I do not expect my kids to be me…that would be arrogantly narcissistic of me. I do, however, expect them to be challenged…to be inspired…and to have their minds opened. I just do not see it happening.

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