Gray’s Best Joy Ever

“You get on the bed.”

The redhead followed Gray’s instruction.

Gray stroked his salt and pepper goatee. He stood quietly wearing only pajama bottoms. He imagined how impressed the redhead must be with his muscles. He felt the collar around his neck tugged.

“Don’t get cocky,” Grace chastised him. She stood behind him in a tight pvc cat suit. Horse whip in one hand, and the leash attached to Gray’s collar with the other. “Graham, instruct her.”

Gray thought for a second longer. “Lay on your back and use the handcuffs on your left hand.” He slowly moved to the handcuffs attached to the other side.

The redhead was in a white bodice only. Her body was big and beautiful…and naked otherwise.

Grace had instructed Gray to pick up the redhead at the bar. Her fashion choices, in Gray’s mind, were awful…even criminal, but she looked much better in the bodice he and Grace had bought for her. Grace had, of course, picked it out. Gray had no idea.

Now all three were in a hotel room. A king bed with a hunter green floral duvet was the centre piece of the room. The usual dresser with TV was at the foot, and a small desk with a coffee maker was in the corner. The only light on was the lamp to the left of the bed.

Gray handcuffed her other arm and left the redhead spread eagle on the bed. Grace trailed behind him with the leash as he walked to the desk and sipped the vodka and soda he had there. He faced Grace and asked, “What would please you?”

Grace pulled him back towards the bed. “Put your cock in her mouth.”

Gray knelt on the bed, straddling just above the redhead’s chest. Her green eyes and freckles stared up at him with her straight red hair fanned out under her shoulders. “Open your mouth,” Gray spoke low and direct to her. His hand locked his fingers into her hair and assisted her lifting as she took his already hard penis.

Gray closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensation and warmth of her lips. Her tongue played with him within her mouth as well. He opened his eyes when she began moaning. Glancing back, he saw the Grace had released his leash and had her mouth buried between the redhead’s legs.

Grace stopped and looked up at him. “Let me know when you are ready to cum. That is mine.”

“Yes,” Gray agreed and continued to fuck the redhead’s mouth. He continued, grunting his pleasure as he pumped.

The redhead continued to take him eagerly. Her eyes locked with his.

“Switch,” Grace instructed. “I want her to lick me.”

“Shall I lick her?” Gray stepped off the bed to allow Grace to replace him.

“No, I want your cum soon. Fuck her until you are near.” Grace straddled the redhead’s face reversed so she could watch her husband as he pushed his erection into the wet pussy of the redhead.

Gray pumped slowly as he did not want to orgasm too fast. He wanted to give Grace time to enjoy the tongue lapping at her loins before he did. He watched his soaked erection as it pinioned between the legs. She was completely shaved and had a small devil holding a pitchfork tattooed just above her pelvic bone.

Grace moaned and sat back as an orgasm began to take her.

Gray allowed his fingers to find the clitoris of the redhead to try and secure an orgasm for her as well. His fingers were soon wet and he enjoyed the sound of both women moaning in unison. He waited until the moaning subsided before removing his hand and pumping harder and faster. His hands cupped the ass cheeks of the redhead, lifting her for deeper access. His cock was enveloped in her warmth and wet so well that he almost forgot. “It’s time,” he croaked and pulled his cock out.

Grace quickly got off the redhead’s face. She positioned herself over top the redhead, on hands and knees. “Put that cum in me.”

Gray stood and moved quickly behind Grace. His cock slipped into her pussy, even tighter than the redhead’s. His cum exploded within his wife almost immediately.

All three lay on the bed in a heap. The redhead had Grace snuggled into her on one side, and Gray on the other, each kissed the nipple on that side and played with her breasts. She smiled as she kissed both of their foreheads.

Grace reached over and ran her hand through Gray’s buzzed gray hair. “Graham, you are a good boy, but you almost didn’t make it.”

Gray smiled at his wife across the redhead’s chest.

The redhead sighed. “Wow,” she said. “Nice to meet you two. I’m Joy, by the way.”

“The pleasure is ours,” Grace smiled and kissed Joy hard.

“May I have some cum, too?” Joy asked Grace.

Grace glanced over at Gray. “Where do you want his cum?”

“Thank you, maam,” Joy smiled. “I would like to taste it.”

Grace smiled at Gray. “Please her, Graham.”

“I’m enjoying this too much,” Gray thought. He serviced both women for the rest of the night, a number of times, and always with a smile.

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