Jack Be Nimble

“When will you be here?” Mary-Jo’s voice squeaked over the phone’s hands-free speaker.

Jack flipped his Blackberry mouse roller and found the calendar. “Thursday at nine in the morning.” He put the phone back down on the tv tray beside his recliner.

“Okay, I work until five. And Friday as well.”

Jack rolled his eyes and put one hand on top of the blonde’s head. “I’m a big boy. Besides, I have some business to take care of.” His other hand scratched his salt and pepper goatee before adjusting the leather collar around his neck.

“Okay. I will make you dinner on Friday.”

Jack glanced down. The woman’s blonde hair was half way down her naked back. Her hair covered the view so he could not watch as she swallowed his erection. “Sounds like a plan.”

“Oh, and my friend Tina will be here on Saturday.”

Jack smiled and asked, “She knows what is expected?”

“I think so. She’s nervous. So am I.”

“The pictures I take will just be for me. No one else will see them.”. He sighed as the blonde released him just enough to make eye contact.

She propped her chin up by putting her elbow on his thigh and fist under her chin. She kept the tip of his cock sucked hard between her lips and even nibbled lightly with her teeth.

Jack raised a finger at her and whispered, “No marks.”

“What?” Mary-Jo asked over the speaker.

“Nothing. I should get going. Have to pack.”

The blonde grinned at him around his engulfed erection.

“Alright, I will see you Thursday after work. You know where the key is.”

Jack nodded. “Yes, and no underwear.”

“I love you,” Mary-Jo said quickly.

“See you Thursday,” Jack said with rolled eyes. He pushed the button to end the call.

The blonde’s blue eyes sparkled as she grabbed his length and took her mouth off of him. She stood from her knees. “You’re a mean bastard.”

Jack stared at her without speaking. The hand stroking his penis said she was not upset with him.

“I should punish you.” The blonde was almost as tall as Jack. She slipped her left knee in between his leg and the chair arm…then the right. “However, you have followed your instructions, perfectly.” She ran a hand through his short dark hair.

He felt relief wash over him.

She held his erection and pushed it against her pelvic bone. She rubbed up and down on him without letting him inside. “There is one final part of this project, however.”

“Yes, my lady?” Jack answered, feeling the pleasure taking him now that he was no longer afraid of what she would do.

“I don’t care which woman, but you are to break one of their bones this weekend.” She pulled his cock tip and lowered her pussy lips just onto him before stopping and expanding. “I don’t care what bone, but make it an accident.”

His eyes were wide with shock at this.

“Can you do this? Not like I am asking you to kill one of them…yet…” Her grin was sly and grew into a smile.

He opened his mouth, but no voice came out.

She raised back off of his cock. “No orgasm, then?”

“We have never done this from such a distance before.”

She cocked her head left. “Are you questioning me?”

He quickly shook his head. Closing his eyes, his voice spoke confidently, “I can do it.”

She pulled his cock tip back in.

He sighed, “It will be done.”

She slid all the way down on his cock. “Good boy. That’s what I want to hear.”

He gasped as she rocked up and down on his erection.

“Also, I want those pictures when you get them.”

Jack nodded and whispered, “Of course.”

She grinned. “They’ll look fabulous on the website with the others.”

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  1. Hi Stranded,

    You’re subscribed to my blog, and today I thought I’d check yours, and I like what I found. You write short sexy short stories, one every few days. They’re fun to write–long enough to be arousing but short enough not too have to put much too much time into each one. Get laid and move on, one might say.

    I like your dominating ways: blow jobs, handcuffs, “I might have to punish you…” They spark my fantasies.

    Your writing is technically good, too. It has a good mix of narrative and dialog, and as short as your tales are they do tell stories.

    I’ll subscribe. Matt

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