Jack be Quick

“Ouch!” Mary-Jo screamed and bit into Tina’s shoulder.

Jack was amazed how easily her ribs had broken. He released the pressure on her.

“You, okay?” Tina, a large blonde, was curled on the bed underneath Mary-Jo.

Jack pulled back, waiting to make sure she did not think he did it on purpose. “My lady?”

Mary-Jo kept a hand on the spot where the break in her ribs was. She got off of Tina gingerly and checked. “You broke my ribs.”

Jack got off the bed. He had been inside of Mary-Jo in the doggy position, with Mary-Jo on top of her friend Tina. The two women had been making out in an awkward sense with neither completely comfortable with the threesome situation.

“I’m sorry.” Jack got off his knees on the bed and stood at the foot. He offered his hands to assist Mary-Jo turn around and sit

She looked at him with a slight grin. “That really hurt.”

Jack felt relief as her smile told him she did not suspect.

Tina wormed her plump naked body over beside Mary-Jo. “Lemme see.” She stood and checked Mary-Jo out.

Jack was surprised by how quick and professional Tina was. “Are you a nurse?”

Tina laughed. “Doctor, actually. And my opinion is that three ribs are cracked. Not sure they are broken completely.”

Jack would not specify this detail to his mistress. Cracked would be close enough to his goal. He turned his slim naked body to the camera on the tripod and turned it off. He then moved over to Mary-Jo and gently removed her collar. “Shall we take you to the emergency?”

“No, give me a few minutes.” She stood and walked to the small red hotel room couch. “Why don’t you two finish. Then we’ll get dressed and go.”

“You’re serious?” Jack glanced at Tina. Normally he liked natural curves, but Tina was too big for his taste. He estimated her at almost twice his weight, which also made her revelation of being a doctor quite odd.

Mary-Jo nodded with her short dirty blonde curls solid as a helmet on her head.

Tina grinned and spoke up, “I’m still game.” Her gray eyes locked with Jack’s. “Not like she can hurt herself further sitting here…that, plus you’re still hard.”

Jack felt her hand wrap around his erection. He would need to use his imagination, but he would do it. He glanced for confirmation at Mary-Jo.

Mary-Jo laughed and cringed. “Besides, I’d like to watch.”

Jack smiled at her. “As you wish.” He was then on top of Tina like a lion mauling her. He put teeth marks on her shoulders, breasts and ass before they were done. She swallowed his cum twice and three condoms had to be flushed before the two lay in a sweaty heaving heap.

Mary-Jo was even breathing hard after, although every third breath was a painful whimper. “I’m jealous,” she whispered through a smile at the two. “But you can take me to the hospital, now.”

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