One Vice Or Another

Why is it that holidays seem to bring on disease for me?

Back at New Years I had the flu…now, coming down the back side of a cold that hit full bore on Sunday.

Is this karma setting me up for a lotto win or something?

Hmmm…maybe I need to buy a ticket. I have always subscribed to the theory that gambling is voluntary taxes for the stupid. Last time I was in a casino was at one of our horse races almost two years ago. I have been back to the races, but not the casino…and being we are usually in the barn preparing a horse, it makes me superstitious enough that I do not bet on races even.

Years ago I used to work at a store running the lotto machine. That is why I am afraid to play now. There were these people, for lack of a better term, throwing twenty dollar bills that they could not afford at me in order to play.

I would see the large woman with long greasy hair…oxygen tank pulled by one hand and cigarette in the other…child attached by a leash and a liquor store bag under her arm. Of course, being it was a pharmacy, she had come in for cigs, lotto and potato chips…two bags of chips, one for her and the other to shut the kid up.

Is it any wonder I do not play the lotto?

I have better things to spend my money on…

Take porn, for example…


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