Bronx Shop

“Thanks for coming in.”

The blonde picked up her bag and gave Bronx a quick smile.

Bronx enjoyed the look of her as she turned to exit the store. Her cut offs were just a little too short and her tee shirt a little too tight. “I love summer,” he whispered to the dildos, cock rings and condoms in the display case in front of him.

The walls of the store were decorated with posters from pornographic films. The shelves to the right of the display case and cash area were lined with all the DVD cases for the films. To the left were clothing racks filled with lingerie, leather and pvc clothing. On the display window behind the clothes were displays of boots and stilettos along with some whips, collars hats, masks and gloves.

Bronx checked his watch and stepped out from behind the counter to lock the front door. He liked closing early on a Sunday as it was always his scheduled time to go through the email. Most of his business was online so he had invested heavily in a website. He pulled down the security bars and locked them into place.

The sun filtered in through the displays and kept the room in full light even after the lights were off.

Bronx sat his six foot muscular frame at the desk behind the display case. He pulled up his email and waited to see if there were any late entries.

One thing Bronx had insisted on for the website was a reference section. Instead of the normal thank yous and appreciation, he challenged his customers to email their experiences with the products. Bronx would add one email weekly from the responses he had received. On a good week some would send pictures along, but Bronx would never post them.

The emails started appearing on the screen. Bronx scrolled through and started opening them. The first was a story from Margaret and her husband Jim about how they had gone worn out her leather chaps they had bought. Another was from someone named Nova who claimed to have a dungeon in his or her basement. The one that caught Bronx’s eye, however, was from Naomi with the subject line “Need More Condoms.”

“To whom it may concern

I have a problem. Two weeks ago, I ordered the latex condoms manufactured by Ruby Rubbers that I found on your web page. I had no pressing need but, as a joke, I ordered the strawberry flavour four pack.

I am single and living in my metro area apartment in Los Angeles…”

Naomi brushed her red hair with some urgency. She was late. Her date was to arrive shortly, and she was not ready. She held her shoulder length with one hand and brushed out the end of it.

Peter Cetera chirped “Along Comes a Woman” from her stereo with the Chicago Horns and band backing him up.

She pulled an elastic around her hand and quickly manufactured a pony tail. Her top was a red tee shirt that revealed some cleavage, tight blue jeans and white sneakers. She took one last look at her war paint in the mirror before leaving the washroom.

The phone rang.

“Just in time,” she gasped. Picking up the hand set, she answered, “Hello?”

“Hi, Brad. Come up. Apartment three twelve.” She pushed the release button and set the phone back in the cradle. She had not met Brad before and had no idea what to expect.

She turned down the music, slightly, and checked her clothes one last time.

The knock on the door did not take long.

Naomi opened it, and was barely able to hide her shock as she looked down at her date.

Brad was short…very short. His hair was almost black and close cropped, almost buzzed. He wore a black sport jacket over a hunter green v-neck sweater and blue jeans.


He chuckled and offered his hand. “The one and only. Hi, Naomi.”

She shook his hand and invited him in. “How much time do we have?”

Brad checked his watch. “No rush. Movie starts at 7:30, so we have time.”

“Can I get you a drink?” Naomi was slightly embarrassed to hear that Chicago had moved onto the song “Stay the Night”. She stopped in the tiny kitchen. “I have beer, Coke or water.”

“Beer would be good, thanks.” Brad wandered past and into her living room. “Nice place.”

Naomi pulled two beer out, used the magnetic opener to dispense with the caps, and followed him.

“So, by the look on your face at the door, you were expecting Frankenstein?”

She blushed and handed him his beer. “No, I…”

“I’m teasing,” he interrupted with a smile and a twinkle in his green eyes.

Naomi felt a warm tingle just from the smile. She sipped her beer. “So Lori tells me you’re in sales?”

Brad nodded and put his hand on her hip. “I sell industrial lighting, yes.”

Naomi would normally be annoyed at a man touching her so early, but his touch was warm. She even sighed as he gripped and squeezed just a little.

“You don’t want to talk about my work, do you?”

Her face warmed as she flushed. “No.”

He put his beer down on the table beside the couch. With both hands, he opened the button fly on her jeans quickly. “These look tight.”

“Yes, they are,” she answered and sighed feeling his hands touching the skin of her hips first before sliding inside her panties and squeezing her ass. “I should…”

Brad pulled his hands out and took her beer. He set it on the table beside his.

Naomi slid her hands inside his sport coat and pushed it off.

He allowed it to slide off and lay it on the table beside the beer.

“I don’t normally…”

He smiled and his hands found her breasts. “I know. I don’t normally either.”

The kiss that followed was electric. Naomi did not recall how all her clothes were off, but they were. So were his.

She the studied his cock while he sat on the couch, running her tongue along ever vein and curve that she could find. She then swallowed as much of it as she could until Brad was near climax. “Not yet,” she whispered and stood. She lifted her left leg over his shoulder and pulled his head into her eager pussy.

His tongue and mouth we skilled. His hands grasped her ass and pulled her on his face even tighter.

As she moaned, she released him from the vice of her leg. She sipped from her beer and reached into the side table drawer where she kept the condoms. Quickly she had one rolled onto him and straddled.

A ten minute ride had both of them screaming in orgasm.

Naomi picked herself up and saw how much he had filled it. With a smile, she gently pulled it off of him. “We better get going.”

“Fuck the movie,” Brad responded, stood, and pushed her to her knees on the couch.

The full condom still in her hand, she knotted the end and set it on the floor. She heard the drawer opening and closing behind her, then a rip of the next condom, and then his cock was already hard and now in her doggy style even deeper than before.

Brad slammed into her for five minutes before the were both screaming again and he filled the second condom.

“We missed the movie. Also, I never did get to taste the strawberry as we used them all before Brad went home.

Please send more. SOON!

Brad is cumming over again tomorrow night.


Bronx whistled and looked down at the erection in his lap that his left fist was currently stroking. “Nice,” he whispered. “Definitely this week’s winner.”

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