Best Birthday Present Ever!

“Orgasms,” Ham said.

The blonde’s blue eyes glared at him. “Orgasms?”

The blonde was Asian, so Ham assumed it was a dye job. He nodded and the black leather couch creaked under him as he shifted slightly. “Yeah, you know, with a triple sec, vodka and light cream.”

“Oh, yeah.” She seemed relieved.

“The first one, anyway.”

“The first one?”

Ham nodded again.

“This is what you want for your birthday? What about the second one.”

Ham raised his hand and brushed her right cheek. “The second orgasm, she would have to swallow.”

The blonde turned red. “Oh.”

“The third would orgasm would be hers brought about by my tongue.”

She gave him an uncomfortable grin. “The fourth?”

“The fourth would be mine inside her pussy while bringing her to the fifth.”

She giggled. “I don’t have triple sec…or vodka, for that matter.”


She slipped off the couch and onto her bare knees in front of him. “I do swallow though.”

Ham smiled as she began the lap dance with the deejay switching tunes to some dance mix.

Before much longer her black bra and panties were on the table beside Ham’s beer. She swayed and slithered over him.

Ham was still a year off of drinking age, and three years too young to be in the club at all, but he was a master at fake ID’s. Even the dancer, Leia, had asked to see it. As a lark, it even said that today was his 22nd birthday…though in reality, his 19th was still two months away.

The room was dark and warm as she spread a small handkerchief on Ham’s lap so she could sit on him and grind. She leaned back and led his hands to her breasts. She grinded and then bent forward on his lap.

Ham allowed his hands to dance across her spine and even lightly squeezed and massaged her shoulders.

She moved her hair to allow his hands easier access just as the music ended. She leaned back and whispered in his ear, “Another?”

Ham nodded.

“And that orgasm?”

He nodded again.

Leia shifted and her hand slipped under the handkerchief on his lap. She made little work of his zipper and quickly had his erection out of his pants, but still hidden by the little piece of fabric. “Wow,” she said with her hand grasping his cock. “You’re fucking huge.”

Ham shrugged and watched her return to her knees.

She glanced around to the windows behind her of the club looking to see where the bouncer was. She then looked back at Ham and slipped the handkerchief down so she could inspect his cock. “Wow,” she said again before wrapping her breasts around it. “I could have fun with this.”

“Do what you want with it,” Ham gasped, enjoying the view of his erection between her ample breasts.

She surprised him by giving the tip a quick kiss. She then kept her eye contact with him as her tongue ran up the full length from the base to the tip before sucking him into her mouth. She slowly took him as deep as she could before releasing to look around for the bouncer again with her hand absently stroking him.

Ham was fascinated. He had not expected this quite so easily.

She turned back and her tongue danced all over his member before she took him in again. Her brown eyes remained locked with his as his cock hit the back of her throat.

The next song ended.

“Another?” she asked as she stroked and kissed his shaft lightly.

“Yes, one more,” Ham gasped his answer.

“Only one?” She smiled up at him.

“All the money I have today.”

Her brow crinkled with a thought. Without a word, she stood and quickly straddled him on the couch. Her smooth powerfully muscled legs on either side, she held his erection and rubbed it with her already soaking pussy lips. “You sure, just one more?”

Ham nodded with a disappointed look.

“Alright, then, but I want to feel this.”

“Do what you want,” Ham whispered.

She stopped rubbing and grasped his cock. She slowly lowered her pussy over it. “Oh, yeah, that’s fucking awesome.” She rocked on him for the rest of the song.

Ham just enjoyed the view of the stripper pierced by his erection.

She wrapped her arms around him and planted a thank you kiss right on his lips. “Darlin’, you didn’t cum, but I did. Maybe I should be paying you.” She got off and used the handkerchief to dry off her wetness between her legs.

Ham zipped himself back up. “Next time maybe.”

She smiled and slipped back into her bra. Leia then stood to pull her panties up, only to get the lace of them caught in her right stiletto heel. She quickly toppled over to her right and landed on the arm of the couch with a muffled, “Ow!”

Later, the doctor would tell her how lucky she was to have only broken her arm in two places…but such things were not Ham’s concern as he whistled to himself walking to his car in the parking lot.

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