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I started this last week…just posted a song that I had been listening to that caught my attention.  As such, think I am going to make it a weekly thing that I will post mid week henceforth on a Wednesday.  Rules will be that the vid has to be actually viewable on WP without having to go off site to see it…and though it can be an old fav, the song must be unique in some way.

I had a new version of an old Mike + the Mechanics hit ready to post for this tonight…then I decided that I really do not like their new singers yet.  So instead, I decided for an old Genesis stand-by with a twist most would have never heard…on a blog, sometime back, I made mention of the gentleman singing this, Ray Wilson.  He was the man who replaced Phil Collins after he left the band in the mid-1990s.  Ray has a wonderful soulful voice…probably the best singer that Genesis ever had.  Although, even considering his manner of dress, can see that he was (and still is now) a working class musician working in a big business band at the time.

I was, originally, looking for an acoustic version of this tune by Genesis with Ray singing…but I stumbled upon this one and tonight is the first time I have heard this…nothing like a bit of camp fire music to sooth the soul…


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