Purple Haze

Three celebrity deaths have affected me over the years.  That’s it, three.

Anyone who has been reading my material would easily know the first two are Douglas Adams and George Carlin.

The third, however, was actually the second of the two to pass when he died Sept. 26, 2003.

Robert Palmer was known for many things…the attached is not one of those.  He was best known for some good guitar tunes like “Simply Irresistible” or his work with Power Station on tunes like “Some Like it Hot” or even, from the same album as this one, his covering of two Marvin Gaye tunes in “Mercy Mercy Me/I Want You”.

This tune, however, is one of my personal fav of Palmer’s…but it is not his, really.  The song, of course, was Hendrix’s signature piece.  This version, however, is from an album called “Shaking the Pumpkin” by a Canadian violinist,Hugh Marsh.  Marsh is known for his electric violin sounds and, for lack of a better pigeon hole, seems to be thought of as part of the jazz community.

I’m sorry, but Purple Haze…even this version…is not jazz…

Unfortunately, there is no live video as I would have truly enjoyed seeing this.  As such, just enjoy the music this week.

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