Sick Doberman

Hanny the doberman has been rather ill today. Add to that a pretty obvious ear infection and I believe it is unfortunately nearing his time.

He has been here for the last eighteen months since his original owner passed away. Have no idea how old Hanny is, but would guess he is eleven or twelve now…which, for a doberman is a good age.

Considering he has lasted a good six to eight months longer than I expected, I am hesitant to say…but it is probably a good thing I will be taking my girls to my folks’ place this weekend. Just a hunch.

I am not a big pet person, but he has been good company on these nights in the middle of nowhere when on my own. I type, he yawns and occasionally whines to be fed…we have a good system. I will miss his yawns and his questioning stare that says, “Are you really going to post that?”

Regardless, he is not gone yet, and hopefully I am just reading too much into all this.

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