Pretty Women

I had this week’s video/song of the week all set to go…but then, as it came close time to post it, I began to listen to it.  As such, I have had to rewrite this and adjust it slightly.

Sweeney Todd was my choice of viewing last night. Picked it up at the library after work on my way home.

I can admit that some musicals catch my interest. Usually Les Miserables, Spring Awakening and The Who’s Tommy both come to mind.

Sweeney Todd, at least the film, did not get to this level for me…I joked last night on Twitter that it was like seeing Jack Sparrow doing song and dance numbers. But this song…Pretty Women…even done by Rickman and Depp, neither exactly known for their singing…

There is something about this tune once Johnny Depp..whoops, sorry…Sweeney Todd starts to address “My friend” who, for those who have not seen the film it is his razor…

“Now to your purpose…”

Pretty women


Sipping coffee


Pretty women…

I want a pretty woman…not one in face or body, necessarily, but one that causes me to create such beauty as the song as you have just heard.  That goddess, of which I know one…well, really I do not know her, as she is much too far away and, as yet, unaware of me in the grand scheme…well, she is one that would created such beauty so far as I can tell.

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