The Red Stallion

“I will be back as soon as I can, my love.”

The petite blonde pulled her house coat tightly around her. “I hope so. I can’t stand our time apart.”

“I know, Heather.”.He shrugged into a short red suede jacket over his black shirt and pants. “I will miss you while I’m gone.”

“Why do you wear that? You look like you should be waiting tables.

He laughed. He was very tall and had broad shoulders the uniform could not hide. “I don’t choose the uniform.”

Heather pulled her hair over her right shoulder. “Actually, you do.” She walked over to him at the front door.

The room was cream walls accented in a dark red wood molding. Lights were recessed in the ceiling above.

She reached up and wrapped her skinny arms around his neck. “Captain Spencer. Captain must give you some privileges.”

“Well, it gets me bigger quarters and the ability to tell them what to do. That’s about it.”

Her tiny shoulders slumped.

“I know, it seems like such a sexy job.” He bent down and kissed her, his tongue quickly tangling with hers. “I gotta go, babe.” He stepped away from Heather and the door slid open. He stepped into the stark white hallway.

Heather looked out after him. “I love you, Spence!”

Spencer’s eyes rolled. “Ditto, babe,” he called back before rounding the corner out of site to the lift.

The lift doors opened and admitted him without complaint. The lift hung off the side of the building and the glass walls offered a beautiful view from seventy-four stories up.

“Cherry Beach Shipyard,” He said to the empty cabin.

The lift pulled off the side of the building, slowly at first as the inertial dampeners kicked it and the computer calculated the route. Then it rocketed towards the lake front. It shot between buildings and slowly descended from the height of the apartment building it had left. It continued out over the water towards the hovering dock. The lift slowed and touched down after the two minute trip on the deck of Cherry Beach Shipyard and opened its doors.

Four silver ships were currently docked. One large transport where a group of military were gathered on the dock as they boarded the vessel. Two were tiny pleasure cruisers.

Spencer stepped off the lift and walked straight to the fourth ship, a cargo vessel with the word “Red Stallion” emblazoned in large red letters on the hull. He quickly jumped on the ramp with chain railings and made his way on to the ship. Upon reaching the top, a hatch slid open and he stepped through.

A female voice boomed over the internal speakers, “Spencer, you’re late!”

His eyes rolled.

“I saw that. We disembark in forty-five seconds.”

He broke into a sprint down the corridor. “Forty-five fucking seconds,” he whispered to himself. He rounded two corners before getting to the bridge. He sat at his console and buckled himself if quickly. He then spun his seat and glared at the redhead on the other side of the bridge.

“Nice to see you,” she said before pressing one last button.

The engines roared to life.

Spencer turned his attention from her and watched out the front screen as the ship was pushed towards the sky. The blue sky of Earth quickly turned to black as they left the atmosphere.

“So, what was the story this time?”

Spencer turned and checked his console. “Story? What story?”

“Did she claim her love for the mighty Captain Spencer?”

“Crystal, I only tried that once.”

She looked over at him with a smirk. “Does she know your my first mate?”

“Ah, well…”

The ship stopped rocking as it moved out of Earth’s gravity.

She laughed. “Nope. Well, we have a week’s commute. You should go get some sleep while you can.” She unbuckled and stood.

“Yes, maam.”

“Then report to my quarters at oh-five-hundred. I want multiple orgasms.”

He stood and smiled. “Aye, captain.”

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