1. Grrrr. I hated it when I found out that Dollhouse was cancelled. I was even more ticked off when I discovered Firefly was cancelled too.

    Excellent blog post/summary of Dollhouse. I agree with you one of the reasons these types of shows get cancelled is lack of instant gratification. People want the satisfaction and they want it now. They don’t want to “think” about anything anymore. Which is just sad.

    Season one was pretty decent in my books, I liked the way it really built the back story of the watcher really wanting to find out how they all got there with that doubt of knowing it would be impossible for all the Dolls in ever Dollhouse to be willing participants. And the way they started the series???? with that interviewish thingie with Adele and Echo?

    • I actually did not watch it during it’s run…I’ve taken to more watching seasons of shows on DVD in full after the fact…but I avoid the heartbreak of finding out something was cancelled that way. I blame that on when FOX cancelled Firefly as I went off all TV except football for a few years after that.

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