The Lunar Truth

Slipped into see the new film Apollo 18 during my lunch hour today.

Brutal honesty, I was flying a bit blind and really had no idea what to expect…the idea of an 18th Apollo mission that was kept secret, however, fascinated me.

The film is not for everyone.  It is filmed to mimic the hand held and security cameras used on such a mission.  My best reference is the Blair Witch Project in space.  Do not get me wrong here, there were writers and actors…really a tiny cast compared to some films, with the three astronauts as the leads and a number of voices over the radio.  This is a work of fiction…

…or is it?

The film is, no question.  It does, however, touch on something that has always nibbled just at the back of my brain for the last twenty years.  Why have we not been back to the Moon since Apollo 17?

The reason given, of course, is economics.  NASA and the United States government could no longer afford the project.  In fact, no known manned mission has landed on the Moon since 1972.

According to the Wikipedia details, the US started focusing on Mars and the Soviets on Venus.  The page also mentions some more recent unmanned vessels visiting and that China is looking at the Moon for potential mining possibilities…I will return to the Chinese shortly, but this concept should alarm any environmentalist beyond reason.

There are two conspiracy theories that have, not surprisingly, sprouted from this lack of Moon visitations.

The first, and easiest to grasp is that the Apollo missions never landed on the Lunar surface.  Instead the footage seen is all filmed on sound stages somewhere in a Hollywood back lot.  Thanks to a George W. Bush mouth slip, this particular conspiracy gained more believers when he pointed out how difficult it would be to get past the radiation of the Van Allen Belt.  There are too many third parties disputing this theory too put much stock in it, however.  The number of people complicit in such a cover up would be awesome in size and it is simply not realistic.  From the people currently working the Hubble Space Telescope to those sweeping the floors in NASA’s offices…never mind those that were working at the time it all happened.  The one splinter theory that may actually hold water, however, is that the public viewed fakes made in Hollywood because the shots on the Moon were not good enough…use Hollywood to make a better quality picture, and the number of conspirators drops significantly.

I actually took this conspiracy rather serious when I first read about it in Richard Belzer’s book “UFOs, JFK, and Elvis:  Conspiracies You Don’t Have to Be Crazy to Believe”.  Considering still lists this book under comedy…well, take from that what you will.

Now there is a second conspiracy that has come out of this.  One that, to me, makes more and more sense.  Back during the days of sea exploration, if an exploration found something unexpected and dangerous…what would they do?  I am no tactician, but seems logical they would return and lick their wounds while reloading and rethinking their plans.  So, what if the Apollo missions found something…something dangerous and well above our current technology to deal with?  Again, logic would dictate “ending” the program until humanity found a way to deal with whatever dangers are out there.

This is not to suggest, on my part, that any secret Apollo missions took place.  Seems that it gets debunked fairly easily by etidbits.  Besides, it would be awfully difficult to cover up a vessel returning astronauts to Earth…and suicide missions makes very little sense….more so that etidbits claim that the Saturn rockets involved were too big to not be noticed as technology has changed and who is to say that something smaller would not work while claiming to be launching a satellite or some other unmanned craft.

It is to suggest, however, that perhaps we have not been told about everything that was found up there.  What if the Moon was looking back at us?  What if the Moon has native inhabitants that we cannot yet understand?

The latter of these two is where the film Apollo 18 looks from a fictional perspective.  One could go back to Gene Roddenberry and Star Trek lore where the Vulcans observed humanity from a Lunar base…again fiction.  Even Peter Gabriel with his song “More Than This” addresses how little we actually know about the Moon and, perhaps more importantly, how little attention we pay to her to educate ourselves.
Is the Moon hiding something from us?

I do not have an answer other than to suggest that we have but scratched her surface and something has scared us away.  Economics of the US might be a reasonable excuse, but why did the Soviets not continue…why have the Indians nor the Chinese been yet?  What is it about the Moon that leaves us dreaming and yet afraid of her at the same time?

Perhaps our fictions have been hiding some truths.

“And a lie, Mr. Mulder, is most convincingly hidden between two truths.”  –  Deep Throat, 1994 in the X-File episode E.B.E.

“Mr. Mulder, THEY’VE been here for a long, long time.”  –  Deep Throat, 1993 in the X-File episode Deep Throat


  1. I just got hom from apollo 18. I think its sortive convincing but my biggest complication is if they were left out there for dead amd considered contaminated then how did they get the footage its completely illogical unless they sent someone out there again…… But it seems highly illogical so that really wouldnt have happened but i will say that it does make u think about the possibilities. So its kind of a middle point for me to beleive.

    1. Stories like this hinge on suspension of belief in order to hook some into thinking it is real. That’s why I compare it to Blair Witch as it is done well if you can get past the illogical bit you mention…and forgive me, but been so long since I saw Blair Witch, but I do not recall the one logic flaw that gave it away as fiction right now (mind is foggy at 7am on a Saturday).

      I always say, mix enough facts into your fiction and someone is bound to think it is all fact. This is how many a conspiracy theory is born.

  2. Just got back from watching the movie Apollo 18. It really leaves you thinking did this really happen for real and that is why there has not been other missions sent to space ever since or what. After watching this film I would describe it as a geographical film for only adults to watch. Me and my husband and sister did enjoy watching it eventhough me and my sister had a freaky scare out of it.

    I would rate this film about a 8

  3. watch the older movie, “Conspiracy Theory” with Elliott Gould(yeah its that old), which made an open minded person raise their eyebrows. And as for fiction, I wonder what was thought of Galileo as he drew images of ships sailing under the water, or a helicopter or fixed wing aircraft?

    Samuel Jennings
    1. Did you mean “Capricorn One“?

      Religious groups react badly when the logic of their faith is first pointed out to be flawed…thus the Galileo and Nostradamus treatments. Later, they will turn around and claim that it was “God’s will” or something.

      This, in part, is where the conspiracy theory on governments knowing about extraterrestrial life and hiding it from the public comes from. If ET exists, it would throw most religions into chaos.

      1. I don’t think you really know anything about the “Galileo treatment.” Catholic scholars were already starting to come around to the heliocentric view at the time of Galileo. The reason he got “the treatment” is less about challenging beliefs than about biting the hand that fed him – alienating his patron and the church hierarchy. As far as your “ET and chaos” comment theory, as jeremiah said, not really. The Bible is the story of God’s redemption of mankind. The existence or nonexistence of extraterrestrial life really has no bearing on Judaism or Christianity, and their existence wouldn’t discomfit Christians any more than the average person.

        Free-kay movie though. Enjoyed it, the wife didn’t so much.

        1. Right…considering my Catholic upbringing and religious studies prior to finding atheism as my path…I suspect I understand the Galileo story pretty well.

          We’ll agree to disagree on what the Bible is, however. At best, it’s a story book, but not even a well written story book.

  4. Well, since Stranded started it, a little about me…

    I am a Christian, married, father of three. I also love sci-fi, a good horror / sci-fi movie and a great conspiracy theory.

    I went and saw Apollo 18 last night. I myself do believe that we did go to the moon. I know this is a work of fiction though, although sometimes I do feel like maybe we are given small slivers of the truth through movies mixed in with fiction. Who knows? Mentioned above is the part of how they don’t explain how they recovered the footage. It was said in the movie I believe when Houston was cummunicating with the orbiter that that Houston (or maybe it was the orbiter) was still getting data from the Lander and I think the last astronaut that made it to the Russian Lander grabbed the mission film when him and the infected astornaut left the US Lander. As for recovering the footage, they never mentioned from where they recovered it, true, but I think maybe another (manned or not mission) was sent to recover the footage from the wreckage of the two vehicles.

    Oh, and Stranded, not to start a war or anything, but why is it Athiests can knock religions or religious peoply, primarily Christians, but most Christians do not do the same? If you want to believe in nothing, that is your right! But don’t try to bash my faith or my religion by saying the logic of my faith is flawed, how would you know what is and is not flawed? Food for thought.

    At any rate, I thought this was a great movie. I tried to visit the today, but the site was down. This could feed another conspiracy theory easily!! We shall see!


    1. Agreed on the site being down. Was thinking that myself.

      As for your question on atheists knocking the religious…mostly as the religious tend to over look their own faults. We atheists do as well, granted, but I believe you are vastly mistaken in saying “most Christians” do not do the same. Also, atheism is not the belief in “nothing”…that would be agnostic. Atheism is a belief that there are no deities…but does not preclude spirituality. There are many with egos on both sides with holier than thou issues. Many atheists claim higher intelligence…which is incorrect. There are many intelligent theists…the difference is in what education each has had. By “flawed” one only needs look in history to see where religious views have been “corrected” by science…Galileo is certainly the most obvious example that most people, theist or atheist, can relate to. There have been flaws…there still are flaws…it is human nature.

    2. You just said something that I have been thinking also, that we are giving slivers of truth through movies. Because their would be panic if the public knew the whole truth. So little by little they slip more and more information through movies.

  5. G. and I were talking about that movie the other night. He said there was no way to pull off a secret mission, too many people would have seen the launch. As far as why we stopped going to the moon is that it got to be too rote. The television audiences dropped off exponentially pretty much, and we’d done all we could up there at that point. It would be different if we went now, since we have much better technology and we know more about what’s up there. If we go up there, we’ll probably have a whole tv channel devoted to what goes on up there, with video! That would be cool.

  6. I told him that people would think it was just a regular rocket being launched, and he said that it would be different enough from a regular rocket that everybody would know it was going to the moon. As far as what’s up there, there’s a few flags and stuff we left up there, and other than that, just a lot of rock. Maybe a little H3, but not enough to bother mining like in Moon.

    1. I don’t know about that anymore. With tech as it is, they could hide the reason for a launch. Then again, now, who’s to say they cannot launch from the space station already up there as opposed to down here? All conjecture, but anything is possible.

      1. They couldn’t hide it back then though. If that supposedly happened back in the 70’s, somebody would’ve noticed. They don’t have a ship that can stay up at the space station, as good as it would be to have one in case of emergency. They also can’t get one up there to launch from there either. That was the plan originally I think, to be able to work from there and branch out, but the station isn’t up to that level yet. Everybody’s been too focused on shuttles that don’t do anything but orbit for too long to have something better.

  7. I just saw Apollo 18, It really did get me thinking I’m going to dig a little bit deeper into this but it really got me thinking. Why havent we gone back? Yes, Economics are always to blame but if politicians spend millions to see how fast ketchup runs out of a bottle then why not go to space? I would love to beleive there is Aliens and things on the moon but I can’t. This movie was very good but this may just give me something to beleive.

  8. Well a question was asked on how they got the foogtage and answer the footage was being recoreded thugh feeds of the camcorders. It is likely that this mission happen and the story is true. As we see NASA giving up on space and turning it over tr private sector. As our resources are depleating why are we not looking toward to moon for possible replacements. I like the question of if we have been there why have we not been back…there is a reason. and it is not economics. Will the private explorers attempt a shot at the moon? It will be interesting to see.

  9. AmericanIndianman
    I am 68 and have gained some understanding over the years between christian as well as other religions etc. I have read/listened to articles, archiologist, ufologist as well as testimonials from friends and others who have seen ufo’s. I have been watching all of the new “Ancient Aliens”. There are things on this earth that with all our knowledge we cannot explain how they were made, perfectly cut stones weighing 1000’s of ton, how were they lifted/moved, pyramids from Egypt to India to Maya. Stones all over the world that we do not understand how Ancient people moved them. We have gained knowledge over a 150 year period from archiologist(ms) that have found around the world modern encased in dirt/stone that have been carbon copied of back 50 million years or more and one waring sandals.
    A thought enters my mind that we may have lived here and populated the earth and gained knowledge…and a major catastraphy happened that killed off a great majority of the population and lost all their knowledge…and started over again…and again…and again…etc. We may have gained great knowledge in the past that we lifted the stones…and all the pyramids and other great monuments left from the past were things our “Ancients” left us to tell us it will happen again.
    I am just rattaling along here. I did see the movie “Apollo 18” and I went looking for more answers and came to this site.
    I believe that there is alot of information known that we will not be informed about until later and that later may come sooner than we know.

    1. Bravo. I respect what you have said here a lot. In a sense you have reminded me of the third creation theory that, sort of, goes along with what you said…what if we did not come from here. Were I not on my mobile, I would send some links on such but I will try to remember to do that tomorrow when I am back on mt land line.

  10. If there are aliens on the moon, should we go back to the moon? Also if there are aliens on the moon, there has to be other life forms out there since the universe is endless. Will the universe ever come back together? NASA should continue space missions due to the fact that our universe is currently changing, not just on the Earth, but the universe. NASA needs to learn as much as we can about our universe to prepare for the future. NASA still needs to make better space shuttles to learn more about our universe. If we stop space missions we may never know what other life forms are out there. One last thing scientists also need to continue improving our lifes with machinery which will improve our space travel. People say machines make life easier, which is true and false. Yes it will make our lives easier but also harder by producing waste which fills our water supplies, and affects our lifes greatly. The human race needs to join together for once and help each other to survive. Mankind will always need to improve so our race doesnt become extinct.

  11. Reading about being fed tidbits of information reminds me of a talk show host a few years back around the time of UFO sightings in Gulf Breeze FL. The on air discussion turned to what ifs, and the audience was asked if there was anyone out there that could shed some light on UFOs, top secret military applications, etc. A call from a 20 year Martin Marietta employee was taken and he eloquently spoke of how MM had technology so advanced that our government would only allow a trickle of information out to the public. He went on to say that much of this is alien technology. (Take it with a grain of salt) and that the government has protocol on how much and what to release to the public without causing a panic. Believing that the disinformation machine does not exist or that Hollywood isn’t utilized to desensitize public acceptance of ETs, invasions, alien life forms etc is the close minded thinking those instituting those programs are hoping to achieve.
    To believe the International Space Station has no military or protective application is a disservice to those that designed and built this platform. We should never close our minds to the unknown.


    1. I just saw Apollo 18 and really liked it. Honestly…which is to be ironic…there is so much information and misinformation in our society, it is difficult to know what to believe (ie the Kennedy assassination, Roswell, etc). I mean, our government is in the business of misinformation…they love to keep us all guessing…its their MO…(they treat the people as children “who cant handle the truth” and they are probably right, religious zealots would freak out). However, it has always puzzled me why there hasnt been more exploration of the moon. NASA will go to Mars…but why not the moon again?
      Lets be honest…the US government doesnt have a problem with denying they had anything to do with a situation, with cutting their losses…meaning if they send out a soldier or astronaut out on a mission…then you are expendible, and allowing the public to know vital information…only 40 or 50 years later. It’s just what they do. However, if this film or story has any truth to it…I dont blame them for not wanting to go back…but it did mention that samples were given to other countries…if this is the case…then why hasnt this planet been plagued with the same creatures? (who can morph from solid rock form as a defense mechnism, but who can also change forms and attack like an something out of Alien). Again, its like swaying from one side to the next…grrr…I love it, but I hate it at the same time…good movie I thought IMHO and great food for thought.

      1. Don’t Americanize this…this is a global thing. Truth is, I suspect, the US was late to the game being a relatively young nation still.

        Complete speculation, but due to the Catholic connection, I would suggest “mis-information” goes back at least to the Romans.

  12. read your individual comments – you all forgot some important things. The US Government has been keeping secrets from the people from day one. Second, no one mentioned the deaths of the astronauts…they all died and their bodies were never recovered? Families were and continue to kept in the “dark”. Then the “rocks given to foreign dignitaries” disappeared…or were stolen? Maybe its time to start asking the “right questions” and researching who was scheduled to be on Apollo 17, 18 and 19 (primary and back-up teams). So the “moon rocks” on display at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. came from….Roswell, New Mexico…and not the moon??? Walking on the moon leaves dust particals on your clothing, which goes into the moon landing vehicle and craft returning to Earth. Wasn’t there a report of the astronauts complaining of “sickness” after their return?(Hint: Nikoli Tesla…what really happened to his research papers…why did the Department of Defense start using sound making devices to combat enemy forces a few years after Tesla’s death?)

    Peter Martinez, Sr.
    1. Again Americanizing all of this. Secrets were being kept long before the “New World” was found, my friend. This is a world wide phenomenon that goes a long way outside American borders.

      I, For one, am unconvinced that Americans are the only ones to step foot on the Moon.

      1. Hello stranded. First I like to say. Please let’s get this all right ok. I know for a fact that we did indeed land on the moon. And have gone back five more time’s after AP11. Don’t ask and belive it or not what I am telling you. But it is the truth. And there are way’s to verfiy it. The reason #1 why we have not went back is yes to expensive. But there is another reason. We know for a fact that there is H3 there and plenty of it. There is enough there to supply the US of energy for the next 1000 or more yrs. But you say why don’t we get it Awwww. Do you know what would happen to the oil industry. O wait and the poor arab nation’s It will kill them off. They would not know what to do with all that oil. Slide on the asses with it that about all. It would be allmost worthless. Just think if you can run your car on H3. One tank full would run say over 800miles. And since we will have so much of it just think what it would cost to fill a tank full ex. $2.50. Now Who is making money not the goverment and not there friends the arab’s nooooo. And all the fat cat’s in the oil industry well now they have nothing to deal with Broke. O and one more thing about H3 it does not pollute at all. Look it up. So you see no one in goverment really want’s to go back up there and start a well energy war. Also for your own sake when you talk about landing on the moon the spacecraft is called the Lunar module. Better know as the LM. Which was design and built by grumman’s areospace. In which I again know as fact. Also after all the hoopla about going back to the moon. We will one day as soon as we understand it and study it more. Things are not what they allway’s seem. And there are thing’s that we don’t understand yet and why there there So yes there is a huge reason why we stop at 17 and never went back

        1. H3 is a wonderful fuel if one can run a car and guarantee that the temps never go beyond 10 above or below zero Celsius. As such, it is a relative new tech we still haven’t quite grasped and that deflates a lot of your points for me, at least. As far as truth, people believe what they can actually see and touch, not what they are told.

  13. im sorry but after watching apoolo 18 and reading through most of this feed i felt that i had to point out one thing, a number of you talk about beein fed “slivers” of truth thus creating the “conspiaracy theory”, however I think that if the Amerian government or any other for that matter were to take a matter such as this (Aliens capable of infection and the ability to kill) quite as serious as they probably should then I dont think they would allow a movie to be released explaining how serious the matter is in its entirety. What I’d be more interested in is a movie, story, book etc that the geverment didnt allow to be relesed, this begs the question that perhaps they do have something to hide and the content of these banned articles contain info that we shouldnt know, however much we would like to…

    Having said all that I do still beleive that the governments all over the world are guilty of censorship in this form and that it still continues to this day… but how are we to know

    1. Thanks for reading. Of course, for all of this it is all conjecture.

      You make a good point, however, censorship in any form goes well beyond this. I think we are much closer to Orwellian culture and the thought police than people realize.

  14. Hey, my cat went into the kitchen with a camera and never came back, 3 hours later I retrived that film, OMG, she ate, oh the horror, she ate CAT FOOD!!!!!

    My dog, he went into the back yard with a video camera and never came back, 3 hours later I got that camera back and that damn dog pooped all over the place, well, no way is he coming back into this house.

  15. This film was moderately interesting, but certainly not very believable. For one thing, in space and on the moon there is no atmosphere, so everything is either in darkness or light. There is no gradual transition through grey. The film clearly showed the astronauts outside the LEM in an earth like atmosphere, with shadows gradually going from white to darker grey. In reality, it would go from white to black, without transition. Someone also had to follow the guys around with a camera, as the cameras kept moving from one perspective to another throughout the film. Since there were only two men on the surface, who’s operating the camera?

    It is also highly unlikely that creatures who live in absolute zero of minus 426 degrees Fahrenheit would want to inject themselves into a human body, let alone eat it or lay eggs in it. It would be quite beyond their experience and taste, assuming they even had taste. This is a standard in bad horror films…the monsters are always eating human flesh. The fear of being eaten is hardwired into people’s unconscious, just like recognizing faces on Mars where a few rocks cast a few uneven shadows that vaguely looked like a face. It is in our psychological nature to recognize faces from the time we were all babies, and thus we see them everywhere, even where they do not exist. The face is not really there, only our trained perception of a face.

    Any creature endemic to the moon would certainly interact with their environment of rocks and dust in some sort of symbiotic, cause and effect relationship…humans would not be on the menu. So the film is hogwash, catering solely to conspiracy theorists, UFO enthusiasts, people who love a good horror story and the like. Not that I didn’t rather enjoy watching it, but it was absolutely unbelievable. Had I to do it over again, I wouldn’t waste my time or money.

  16. I once watched a movie with Steve Martin in it ( Grand Canyon ) and starring as a Hollywood producer . Towards the end of the movie he says something about the movies to his friend ( Kevin Kline ) as follows: ” Do you know what your problem is ? You haven’t seen enough movies, all of life’s riddles are answered in the movies ” . Hence, what better way to bring facts out into the open than to slip them into movies and say this is a work of fiction. Also, fictional books uses factual data too, e.g. Tom Clancy, Dan Brown and the like do this. So, could this be a factual thing but a fictional movie ? I don’t know, could be. Did it happen ? Quite possibly. None the less, it would explain a lot of things about why we ( and USSR ) never went back to the moon. My personal opinion, for what it’s worth, is that it definitely is thought provoking and raises additional questions also.

  17. i just watched Apollo 18 and i do think that it does make sense in some places and it does not in others like when they did not come back because they were considered contaminated but another thing to tread on is how did we get the tape and even if we did i don’t think the government would allow us to show it public

  18. The movie did state that it was edited and created from the footage so obvioulsy there will be a little “hollywood hyperbole”. Looks to me like the general consenus is split right down the middle 50 believe..50 don’t. I once heard that scientist and other employers related directly and indirectly with government and the US millitary actualy get together and discuss movie ideas so as to educate the public as to possible upcoming events or historical events that have or will happen in the past/future. Reason for this is because they would rather suggest the ideas throu Hollywood motion pictures rather than coming right out and telling the public for fear of anarchy. I guess it would be chaotic if officails just came right out on CNN and said everything that happens in movies has or will happen or is or isnt true. So its not that far fetched that the footage could have some truth to it. Where the hell are these directors and producers coming up with such wild and crazy ideas to right movies anyways. The ideas have to stem from somewhere. Maybe the idea of the slight amateur style of the films footage was only thrown in there to throw off the average individual or may be used as reverse psychology. “Oh that cant possibly be”…”theres no way” …jees look at that as if WHATEVER”! Just to keep us all guessing so when the truth finally does come out they all can say ” told ya so”. My personal opinion is that the movie is true in some aspects and then a few curve balls were thrown in for added effect otherwise it probably wouldn’t have been that much of a movie to begin with.


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