Hurricanes and Those Who Control Them

Seems Tropical Storm Lee is currently beating up the US Gulf Coast.

Realizing that they work these storm names alphabetically…hard to believe that in 1992, Hurricane Andrew had only just dissipated at this point.

It certainly did a number on South Florida, not the least of which was causing a rescheduling of the Dolphins-Patriots game to October.  The fact that both of those NFL clubs had bye weeks scheduled at the same time does lead one to ask if they were planning ahead…

More seriously…and no, the NFL thing is hardly serious at all…this year seems more along the schedule similar to 2005 for storms when Hurricane Katrina devastated Louisiana and helped prove that New Orleans is sinking.

So who exactly is in control of the weather?  Is it Mother Nature or some scientists hidden away in some underground bunker?

There are those that fear human control of weather is a way of weaponizing it.  Environmental terrorism, or the destruction of environment during war to deprive people would be the obvious use.  Another, less obvious, but just as frightening use could be if some less scrupulous companies hit areas with devastating weather in order to drive sales of their products and services.  Take the 2008 Summer Olympics in China, for example, as it has been speculated that the Chinese already have some capabilities in this regard…in fact, some conspiracy theorists claimed that Hurricane Katrina was a Chinese testing their attack capabilities with weather control.

Taking the word god out of “Acts of God” it seems…and as an atheist, I can appreciate science studying such.

Art Bell

What are the long term ramifications of doing such things?  Obviously, there is no answer, but when one considers that Earth and humanity are something of a cosmic fluke in the nature of the universe…what happens when scientists begin to play with the formulas that are part of nature?

Take this a step further.  Art Bell, best known as a host on late night radio’s Coast to Coast AM, wrote a book called “The Quickening“.  The book makes one rather major point that everything is slowly gaining speed and strength…storms are happening more often and are getting more devastating.  There are those that would suggest Art Bell and George Noory (current Coast to Coast AM host) are terrorists that use paranoia as a weapon by giving some rather crazy ideas a voice that the sheep take as actual facts…and this is a topic I shall discuss another day.  This aside, however, the main point of Bell’s book is quite sound.

This “Quickening”, however, is it a result of more press coverage getting stories out faster and exaggerating for shock value? Or is it the beginning of Mother Nature punching back for centuries of humans abusing her?

Are we certain we want to be doing this?  Has capitalism and “freedom” driven us so far that we need to enslave nature in order to thrive?  Science for the good of humanity is one thing…but just what good comes from weather control that is not economic or militaristic?  Perhaps this is one of those places where I show my more liberal side in that economics and military are not good enough reasons for me to want to restrain Mother Nature.


  1. It’s one thing to seed clouds to get rainfall in an area. It’s another thing entirely to start playing with the balance of nature… as we have been doing for years. Karma is a bitch. And whilst I do not believe that the apocalypse is coming, I do think that natural events are becoming stronger because of man’s interference… and at some point we will be forced to pay the piper for our ignorance.

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