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This evening was the big speed dating event…well, event-ish.

I do not get nervous at this dating thing anymore, but will admit to walking into tonight feeling unprepared.

A couple of quick observations…I think I was the only male there who was not in jeans.  Some of the women were in jeans as well, but let’s be honest…women do jeans much better than men do.

The room was intriguing.  Nice ambiance with the rain falling on windows above us that slanted towards the street below.  Oil lamps on each table.  A couple of television screens showing baseball (why was it not hockey?), but they were easy enough to ignore.  The walls, however…a cream faux brick above a red cherry wood chair rail…and below that was a light walnut panel…all of this was accented with stainless steel and stainless footplate on the corners…wtf?  In daylight, this would be downright ugly.  Music was good, however, playing all 80s style rock…”…now wouldn’t ya, barracuda…”

There were 21 of us in total, 10 women and 11 men.  Apparently there were even numbers, but one did not show.  Of the ten women, there were some real lookers.  Of the eleven men, a couple even scared me.

As always, I will avoid particulars about anyone as, not my thing to write such here…there were no, what I would term, sparks.  There were about three who I would term as potential flames if the wood is rubbed together the right way…and being I do write the eros, it was not really meant that way but by all means, take it “that” way.

So we each did our four minute gab sessions, and wrote our notes, and checked off whom we might like to learn more about, and thus endeth the lesson.

There does seem to be a major flaw or two with this concept, however.  I, for one, am not the most outgoing guy on first meetings.  Can hold my own when I put on my salesman hat, which is generally what I had to do tonight.  However, other than a nice smile, nice eyes, and a few generic details…I walked away from each date without any substantial knowledge.  By substantial, I did get one woman who “thanked God” about something…which I quickly filed under “theist, no thank you”…and I believe this is one of the things I would want to know quickly before delving into any type of potential relationship.

As mentioned, the men out numbered the women, so each man had to sit one round out during the evening.  As it was my turn to do this, I looked around at the women and quickly picked out who the “actresses” were…the one’s who would react the same no matter what guy they were talking to.  They generally had a pleasant expression that kept their cards close to the chest while making the guy think they were interested.  There were some who could not hide what they thought of the man they were sitting across from…some good, some bad.  Perhaps it is odd, but I learned more about these women I met tonight in that four minutes alone than I had with them.

It was fun, however.  Quite enjoyable and relatively cheap for such an evening.  Being it was my first time, I have no delusions and really do not expect any “matches” with those I checked interest in.  Not saying that one, or all three might not have, but I have no expectations.  Also, being I had a zit on the end of my nose that resembles a second head, well…that might scare them off being most guys only have two heads to deal with.  All of this said, think I will do it again.

Next time I will be more prepared…perhaps a little more laid back.  I probably will not bother noticing what the other guys are wearing.  I probably will not post about it.

One last point…quick step back, I have no issue dating theists, so long as they are not devout and Bible thumping sorts.  There are plenty who claim theism without having practiced for near millenia.  If one must openly thank a deity for simple little things in front of a total stranger, however…I will not judge them other than to say she and I would not be a good fit.

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