Ogre Awakens

This dating thing is really starting to annoy me.

I have met a few really nice women…and it seems I must be an ogre as they all vanish pretty quickly.  And if they have not vanished yet, no doubt they will.

This is about as close to becoming personal as I have ever written on this blog…but I met a very nice woman recently, for example.  Liked her, a lot and we even went out twice…and she was not feeling well.  Typical me, being the dog that I am, I go into St. Bernard mode and worry about her…I guess this scared her off. *shrug*

My bad.  Perhaps aloof and uncaring would be a better way to be.  Guess I am much more ogre than I realized…perhaps more ogre than dog.

Ogres are cute, aren’t they?  Not like they eat people…oh, wait a tick.

Well, I don’t eat anyone…at least not in that sense.

I stated about six months back that I was more single than I had been since high school…still there…starting to come to terms with the fact I doubt I will be moving off this plateau for awhile.  Probably a good thing.  I can grow my ogre and culture it…then set the dog free.  Once I am comfortable with my ogre, I can kill it and wear its skin for warmth this winter.  At least it will be useful for things like blubber oil, meat and warmth.

Rediscovering one’s self is hard when the curtain gets pulled back.  The yellow brick road, being all nice, shiny and inviting, is so misleading when the ogre is behind the curtain and pulling the controls.

I still think my ogre is more Chewbacca or Shrek like than anything…that must mean something, right?  Then again, Chewbacca is exactly like my old inner dog…pat on the head, and he’ll happily go fix your nav computer.

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