Stranded’s Awesome: Johnny English

Johnny English” was the first DVD I purchased after separating from my first wife.

Little did I know then that it would be the most used DVD among my collection…ever.  This post of my “Awesome” has some help in that it is a film that I can watch over and over again…with my girls.  They love it, as well.

In addition, last weekend I took my daughters and my niece to see the sequel, “Johnny English Reborn“.

This is not your parent’s Mr. Bean…in fact, it is not Mr. Bean at all.  English is a full fledged mocking of the James Bond franchise…though, with the latest film finding Johnny in a Tibetan monastery, there is a touch of mocking aimed at Batman.

I adore everything about the original film…from 2003…with Rowan Atkinson as Johnny English and Natalie Imbruglia as the *ahem* Bond girl.  It is a near perfect comedy-action film where the wannabe spy, English, becomes the spy…quite by accident…errr…his own fuck ups.

The new film is slightly different.  To paraphrase an interview with Atikinson himself which, I believe, hit it right…this film is more action comedy than comedy action.  Gillian Anderson…best known as FBI Agent, Dana Scully in The X-Files is the new boss.  The second film shows Johnny much more competent than the first.  He is now a spy…but he still makes mistakes that lead to some pretty bloody funny results.  Not as silly-funny as the initial film, but certainly a worthy continuation of the Johnny English franchise.  In fact, my only complaint about ‘Reborn’ is the fact that Ben Miller was not brought back as his sidekick, Bough.  Nothing against the new sidekick…who was fun…but Ben Miller deserved at least a cameo.

All said, I must end this week’s Awesome with my favourite scene from the initial film.

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