A Daybreak Turn About

Cliff’s eyes opened to the first morning light filtering in the window. He looked around the room trying to remember where he was.

Too much wine.  No hangover, but the fog was still drifting through his brain.

Bailey shifted beside him.

A smile spread across Cliff’s lips as he rolled onto his side and spooned his naked body against her. He moved her blonde hair off her shoulder and kissed it lightly.

She shifted again, cuddling into him.

Cliff had come over with no intention of staying the night before. It was only their second date and though Bailey was the hottest women he ever remembered dating, he really liked her and was afraid to spoil it. He brought a bottle of red wine which was gone much too quickly.

Cliff pulled her closer yet under the duvet, enjoying her warmth. His arm slipped over her and cupped one of her breasts, lightly stroking the hardening nipple.

He remembered sitting on her couch, wine glass in his hand that she never allowed to empty, as they talked over the first twenty minutes of an awful horror movie. It was bad enough that when Bailey went to get a second bottle of red she switched DVDs to a more classic title, The Exorcist.

Now, as he kissed her shoulder again with a little more intention, he still could not recall most of the film. He did remember three wine bottles, and the wonderful feel of her skin in his hands as he gave her a long light touch massage.

“Go back to sleep,” Bailey whispered and half-heartedly swatted him. Her hand stayed and gripped his hip, however.

Cliff gave a light low chuckle. “You stop tempting me first.”

As the film had ended the night before, Bailey had declared her need for bed. Cliff had made for his coat by the door with every intention of heading home. They hugged to say goodnight and Cliff surprised himself by trying to kiss her. Bailey had turned and allowed him to kiss her cheek…at first, but then she melted and turned to him kissing him back with a tongue that quickly found his.

She shifted again followed by a slight clang. The handcuffs from the night before were still attached to one of the headboard spindles. Her right leg lifted over him.

Cliff’s strengthening erection felt the warmth between her legs.

“Put a condom on then,” she said with mocked annoyance.

Reaching back with a groan, Cliff found one on the night stand.

“Fuck it, give it to me,” Bailey whispered.

Cliff handed her the tiny package.

She pulled her leg off and rolled over to face him. Pushing him onto his back, she straddled his knees. A grin appeared on her face as she grasped his erection. “Nice.”

Cliff’s eyes wandered around the young beauty’s curves. His mouth watering at the thought of touching her hips…her thighs…her breasts…her cheeks.

Leaning forward, she ran her tongue along his length and swirled it around the tip before taking it in her mouth.

“Oh fuck yes,” Cliff groaned.

Bailey’s blowjob was masterful. With her tongue and hand she easily brought him to the edge of orgasm before stopping. Her eyes locked on his the entire time.

“Tease,” he gasped.

She grinned. “Yes, sir.” She tore the condom package open. Placing the tip of it in her mouth, she put it on the tip of his cock and used her teeth to roll it down. With a smile, she came up and kissed him. Sitting up, now straddling his groin, she reached down and grasped his cock. Slowly, she guided him in.

Cliff’s eyes opened to the first morning light fluttering in the window between the blinds. He looked around the room trying to remember where he was.

Too much wine.  No hangover, but the fog was still drifting through his brain.

Disappointment set in as he recognized his own room and that he was laying naked in his half empty bed.

With the wine the evening before being spread over four hours, he had been fine to drive home. The kiss on the cheek and a very warm hug had been their goodbye the night before.

Reaching beside his pillow he thumbed open his phone. He quickly thumb typed the words, “Good morning, beautiful. Hope you slept well.” He then returned the phone to its usual resting place.

He jumped when it beeped.

Expecting a work message, he was pleasantly surprised to see the name “Bailey” in the unread column.

Her response was a smiley face followed by two words, “Good morning.”

Cliff typed back in, “You’re up early.” This time he kept the phone open and waited for the reply.

Only a moment later, “Some guy gave me a relaxing massage last night. Slept wonderfully, but now wide awake.”

Cliff chuckled at the “some guy”. His thumbs flew across the tiny keys, “When can I see you again?”

This time the response did not come quickly. After a few minutes, Cliff put the phone back down. He closed his eyes and was sensing disappointment coming.

The phone beeped it’s happy noise when the response did arrive.

At first Cliff was afraid to look. The red diode on the phone mocked him. He picked it up and checked that the message was from her. Again, it read “Bailey”. He sucked in a deep breath before opening the message.

“What are you doing now?”

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