Secret Shadows

December 19, 1860

“Whoa, there Sugar.”  Tom patted the white horse on her neck and glanced around.  His cheeks were red in spite of the dark brown furs that covered up to his chin.  His hat had the flaps pulled down over his ears.  “I think this is the spot, m’love.”

Sugar snorted and thick white breath shot from her nostrils.

Lowering himself from her back, Tom took another look around and listened.  “Nope.” He shook his head and continued, “they didn’t follow us.  Just the sound of the water and your heavy breathing.  Opening one saddle bag, he pulled out a heavy bag and laid it on the snowy ground.  He then found a spade strapped to the other side of Sugar.

The sky grew dark as the sun drifted behind heavy clouds.

“More snow,” Tom muttered as he began digging at the base of a small tree.

The snow became intense and, before long, all around them was white except the brown of the hole Tom worked on.

Out of breath, he finally stopped and pushed the heavy bag into the hole before burying it under two feet of dirt.  “They can’t find this.  We can’t let them find this.”

Sugar snorted her agreement.

Tom finished and leaned on her, resting his head on her neck.  Both snapped to attention at hearing approaching paddles in the water.  “Kootenai”, he hissed and slowly pulled on Sugar’s reigns to get her away from the hiding spot.

Tracks were quickly snow covered.

Rustling in the bushes above suggested there were trackers on land as well.

Tom jumped onto Sugar’s back and the two trotted into the snowy veil along the riverside before turning east and starting up the mountain…

December 20, 2012, 23h45, on the banks of the Kootenay River

The young couple rocked in the fire and moon light.

Grace’s auburn hair looked more orange in the crackling fire as she lifted her body up and down on him, moaning with each thrust as his hips would drive up into her.  She was still in her long black coat as it was simply too cold to do this completely naked.

Mark slammed his hips upwards against her.  His jeans were pulled down to mid thigh, and his navy sweater pulled up just enough to keep her pussy from getting it wet.  It was bad enough to have to sleep in a wet spot, but worse yet to have to explain one when he got home.  His hands, inside her coat and under her skirt, grasped her ass cheeks.

The couple was on top of a thick blanket to keep them off of the snow.  Mark’s Jeep was parked on the opposite side of the camp fire to block the light from catching the eye of drivers on the road above.  Their shadows fucked out over the river.  The Moon above, obviously bored, slipped behind some clouds.

“Fuck yeah,” Mark groaned.  “Get on your back.”

“Yes, sir,” Grace answered and pulled off of him.

Mark got up on his hands and moved so she could lay down.  “Put your head against the tree.”

She shifted, as instructed.

Snow began to filter down to watch them.

Mark straddled her chest and pushed his cock into her mouth.  Reaching behind him, his hand lift her skirt and he slipped two fingers into her wet pussy.

Grace sucked him off, bobbing her head lightly so as not to hit her head off the tree too hard.

The ground shook beneath them as a truck blazed by on the road above them.

“Fuck, Grace, you’re making the Earth move.”

She giggled with his cock hitting the back of her throat.

This time, the ground outright shook with screams, groans, and cracks.

Mark orgasmed into her mouth causing Grace to gag and cough as the ground rocked beneath them.

Grace screamed as the ground beneath them began to move, lifting the couple higher.

The Jeep, seemingly in the wrong spot with its driver side not moving and passenger side being lifted by the shifting ground, flipped onto its side behind them.  Some rocks fell from the road above as the asphalt crumbled.  The campfire kept blazing through this without complaint.

Mark fell off to the side of Grace, his eyes wide with fear.  “What the fuck?”

The ground finally settled with the couple about ten feet higher in elevation and the tree they were leaning on now nearly on its side in the river’s water.

Grace, after a moment of silence, finally spoke, “Earthquake.  How fucking cool was that?”

Mark had no answer but struggled to do up the zipper on his jeans.  “Oh my fucking God!” he yelled as he caught sight of his flipped vehicle.  He stood and walked off ledge that had formed.

Grace followed him off trying not to laugh.  She walked around to the vehicle and looked back.

Trees were down all along the river bank.

“Was that the big one?  Wait, and look.”

Mark, did not want to look at anything other than his smashed Jeep, but responded, “What?  What am I looking at?”

“The land didn’t move, it was just the tree uprooting under us.”

The dark ledge was a mass of dark undergrowth that had once nourished the tree.

Mark gave up looking and went back to vehicle inspection.  “How am I going to explain this to my folks.”

“You’re 23, fuckface, grow a pair and just tell them,” she said and rolled her eyes.  She looked closer at the roots.  “So fascinating.  And what’s this?”

Mark ignored her.

Grace pulled a white bag that was caught in the roots.  Heavier than she expected, it slipped from her hands and a metallic clank sounded as it hit the ground.

“What the fuck is that?” Mark asked.

Grace crouched and pulled the bag open.  “Where’s your flashlight?”

Mark shrugged and looked back at the Jeep.

“You’re useless.”  Grace pulled the bag around the side of the roots until she had the fire light again.

Mark followed slowly.  “What is it?”

The device was round, roughly two feet in diameter and metallic silver with one middle button, and three buttons surrounding it.

“It looks like one of those pattern toys.”

Mark shook his head.  “Pattern toys?”

“The ones that each button lights up in a pattern and then you have to push them in the right order to keep going.”

“Looks a bit industrial for that.”

Grace shrugged.  “Probably, but that’s what it looks like.”  She pushed the middle button on the device.

The device whirred, sputtered, and then the buttons illuminated.

“Cool,” Grace said.

The device began to rotate and slowly lifted off the ground.

Grace and Mark stepped back from it and watched.

With one loud high-pitched squeal, the four buttons shot a short burst of light into the sky.

December 21, 2012, 00h15 on the Starship Hunahpu


Captain Yound turned to face him.  “What is it, ensign?”  His eyes were ready to roll and nostrils ready to snort at the next bit of news he was expecting to receive.

The gills on the side of the ensign’s neck fluttered with excitement and turned briefly from green to purple.

Yound knew, from that reaction there would be no eye rolling needed.  “What have you found?”


Yound’s slumped wings snapped to attention behind him.  His own gills fluttered to purple.  “Are you certain?”

The ensign’s head bowed in affirmative.

Yound spun to face the view the rest of the bridge crew, all with wide eyes and fluttering gills.  “Battle stations!”


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