Icy Footing

“Let’s go.”

Potsy straightened his red tie and did a quick once over on his black suit and shirt in the mirror.

Gem stood behind him, her green eyes barely over his shoulder locking with his briefly. Her red hair was curled and held with a hair band that was the same colour as her dress. “I’m not telling.”

Potsy turned and grasped the back of her neck to pull her in for a tongue dueling kiss. “But I’m your king. I demand to know.”

“Bullshit,” she whispered. Her hand lightly stroked against his groin. “You love surprises.” She stepped back towards the bed. The slit in her dress showed knee high black boots and dark stockings.

“Well, we’re dressed to the nines, so I figure it must be somewhere special.”

She picked up her long black coat from the bed. “What? Is a night with me not special enough?”

Potsy laughed and ran his hair over his short black hair. Grabbing her coat from her, he protested, “I may be king…or whatever, but I still cannot allow you to do that.”

She quickly realized what he meant as he held her coat. “I’m guessing you’re not bull fighting?”

Potsy’s face showed confusion at first until he realized how he was posed. Then the smile reappeared. “M’lady, your coat.”

Gem spun and slipped her arms into it.  She grasped his hand with her intertwined fingers and pulled him towards the door.  “About time we let you out for an evening.”

“What night is this, anyway?”

“Saturday,” she answered with a sly grin.  “You’ve been here a week, so they said I could take you out.”

She led him out of his room and down the corridor he was used to.  Normally this would be where he would be taken for meals, or to meet the different dignitaries that were constantly being introduced to him.  A quick right before taking some stairs down caused the world to change.  The people who welcomed him with their bright smiles were gone and replaced by people who, upon seeing him walking close, stood back in awe.  Everyone he passed recognized him.  His celebrity status among these folk shocked him.  All stepped aside quietly to allow the tiny Lady Gem to lead King Potsy past them through the under ground tunnels.

One young blonde curvy woman, wearing tossed aside clothes she had found on the streets above blushed and walked right up to him.  She took his hand to kiss his knuckles and, with a brief pause for a bright smile and blush on her part, she ran away as though touched by a rock star.

Gem led him through throngs of people for nearly an hour.  No words were spoken as she brought him to a cargo elevator and pushed the button.

Potsy glanced around at the people and allowed himself to nod greetings and smile to them, regardless of how awkward it felt.  The responding smiles he received made the awkwardness melt from him.  He understood that these people were just as afraid of him as he of them.

The door to the elevator opened and Gem guided him in.  She pushed a green button and the doors silently closed leaving the two alone in the fluorescent cube.

“Wow, I never…” He almost fell as the elevator jerked up.

Gem steadied him by wrapping her tiny arms around him.  To unbalance him, she lifted herself up on her tip toes and her tongue quickly found his as a willing dance partner.

“Mmmm…so where are you taking me.”

She winked.  “You’ll know soon.”

Then he heard the crowd cheering, muffled by the walls around him.  “Am I speaking somewhere again?  Do I have to wave?”

She shook her head.

The crowd grew louder as the elevator cab slowed and stopped.

Then a voice Potsy found vaguely familiar called over a distant loud speaker, “Canuck penalty to number 19, Martin Smythe, two minutes for interference!”

The crowd cheered its approval.

Potsy gasped, “Andy Frost?”

Gem nodded.

“It’s Saturday night?”

She nodded again and pulled him through the opening elevator doors.  “Welcome to hockey night,” she called over her shoulder as she dragged him.

Around a quick bend and the two found themselves in a small room with arm chairs and a large window that looked out over the ice rink below.  Through the glass, nearly 20,000 screaming people showed their support for Toronto’s hockey team.

“This is amazing,” Potsy said quietly and slumped into one of the arm chairs.  “This is…”

Gem smiled and nodded once again.  “It certainly is.  Drink, sire?” She pointed towards the bar fridge at the back of the room.

“Ah…I guess…”

She held up a finger to silence him.  Walking to the back, she pulled two beer cans from the fridge and returned to him.  Handing him one, she quickly popped the top of her own.

The two toasted the knights of the rink below.

Setting her can on the table beside Potsy, Gem dropped to her knees in front of him.

“Now what are you doing?” Potsy asked, eyes darting from her to the ice and back again.

“Just watch your game, sire.”  Her hands found the zipper on his pants and tugged.

“Wait just a sec, here…”

She giggled and used a thumb over her shoulder to point behind her.  “One-way glass.” She then slipped his underwear elastic down and wrapped her hand around his quickly hardening penis.  “Well hello there.”  She then licked the tip, just lightly at first, and ran her tongue down its length

For the next three hours, Potsy’s attention was split between beers, hockey, and the tiny redhead that continually sucked on him.  Her mouth worked at his erection until just as he was ready to climax she would stop, get up and go to the fridge for more beer.  Then she would start again.  Finally, with only seconds left in the game, and the home team losing badly, she allowed him to finish and his cum landed all over her face.

Potsy was amazed how it got everywhere and yet she kept it from her hair and from her dress.

Gem licked her lips and found a paper towel to wipe the rest off.  “So, sire?  Was it a good game?”

Potsy shook his head.  “Game?  Oh, yeah, it was good.”  His hand slipped to her cheek.  “A great game.”

Gem smiled at him once more.

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