Crave to be Closer

“So you’re the photographer?”

Mina grinned and her red lips sipped from the red wine without answering.

Chuck walked up behind the other woman and put his arms around her.  “Yes, Candy, she is the photographer.”

“I didn’t see you there.”  Candy turned to kiss him and almost knocked the black Fedora off his head.  In heels, she was eye to eye with him.   Her hand reached down and gave his balls a quick squeeze through his black slacks.  “I’ve been craving this all day.”

Mina’s eyes widened at the public display.  She was always fascinated how most people did not pay attention to what was actually going on around them.  The pub was crowded and noisy which, Mina figured, was great camouflage for a public grope.  She flipped her brunette hair behind her ears before taking another sip of wine.

Chuck smiled at Mina.  “Are we ready to go?  We don’t have much time.”

Mina nodded and crouched to pick up her camera bag from the floor.  She was still amazed at the turn of events that had brought her to this point.  At lunch time, as usual, she took her camera out into the courtyard to snap her usual collections of pictures and she had a particular want to get one of him, The Blur…Chuck.  She found him, from the normal distance, and snapped a couple of him in his black three-piece suit and Fedora.

He approached her which, considering their history, was no longer that unusual.  “I need a photographer.”

Mina did find the statement somewhat odd, but asked, “Oh, for what?  Maybe I can help.”  The realization sank in that these were the first words either of them had spoken to each other since she had first photographed him naked on the roof top three weeks previous.  They had seen each other since, of course…she even had pictures of him fucking a work friend outside…but they had not spoken again.

“My mistress is leaving tomorrow morning, and we wanted some photos before she goes.”

“You’re mistress?”  Mina thought for a moment about the next obvious question, but ignored it.  “When and where?”

He smiled.  “Candy will come by your office tonight.  You two get a drink and I will catch up with you and take you to my place.”

Mina nodded slowly as her mind wrapped around where this was going.

“Would a thousand dollars be enough for four hours?”

The money offer was the real shock.  “Okay.”

He pulled cash from his pocket and quickly thumbed off five bills to hand to her.  “Half now and half when we get the pictures.”

Thus the plan had gone ahead and Mina was sitting between Candy and Chuck in the yellow taxi.  The small talk and trip was quick to his place.

Chuck lived in a tall condo building.  He was on the forty-second floor in a well-lit and starkly decorated two bedroom unit.

“Another drink before we get started?” Chuck offered as they entered.

“Absolutely,” Candy answered with a grin.

Mina nodded.  “That would be nice.  Where is your restroom?”

Chuck pointed her down the hall.

Mina walked to the washroom and used it quickly.  Returning, however, she heard Candy already moaning but further along the hall where she stood.  Mina followed the noise two doors up and found them on the bed.

Candy’s black skirt was pushed up and revealed everything that Chuck’s head and tongue was not blocking out.  Her red sweater was pushed up revealing a slim belly, but still not off.

Chuck stopped for a moment and turned to Mina.  “Your wine is on the dresser.”

Mina tugged on her own white sweater uncomfortably in a mocking Picard maneuver and she looked down at her knee-length black skirt for a moment.  After collecting herself, she placed the large bag on a chair beside the bed and pulled out the camera.  A sip of, what would become, the never-ending wine glass and she started snapping photos.

For two hours she took pictures of the couple as they slowly undressed and explored every part of each other’s bodies.  Each had pictures with toes, fingers or even hair in their mouths or hands.  They sweated and moaned and continued on the foreplay session that, much like the wine glasses Chuck kept refilling, never seemed to end.

Mina started to relax more and more as the couple continued their play.

Candy, on her knees in front of Chuck who was laying on the bed but with his knees dangling over the side, looked over at Mina.  “Come closer.”

Mina did as the blonde instructed her.

Candy giggled.  “I want a close up, so you’ll have to get on your knees, too.”

Mina did, and was inches from the bare leg of Chuck.  She propped her elbows on the bed and aimed.

“Closer,” Candy whispered.

She leaned lightly on Chuck’s warm leg.  Her lens was filled simply with his erection, and Candy’s face as she danced around it with her hands, lips and tongue.  Candy even wrapped her hair around it as she moved about and the mischievous grin she wore never left.

Chuck sat up after a long while.  He smiled at Candy and said, “You, on your back.”

Candy and Chuck switched places, though Candy moved further up on the bed so nothing dangled.  She spread her legs and bent both at the knees so her feet were flat on the bed.

Chuck crooked his finger at Mina in a “come here” gesture.

Mina found herself and her camera between the wide open legs of Candy as she snapped a few pictures.

Chuck leaned in close to Mina and whispered, “Stop the pics for a second and have a taste.”

Mina blushed and backed off.

Candy laughed and squirmed.

Chuck playfully rolled his eyes at Mina.  “Fine then.”  He got on his own knees between Candy’s legs.  Turning back to Mina, he asked, “Would you do something for me?  Something you have done before?”

Mina lowered the camera.  “What?”

He nodded towards his erection.  “You put it in.”

Mina’s red blush turned to a burn.  “I don’t think…”

Candy interrupted, “Don’t think.  Just do it.”

Mina put the camera on the dresser and took another sip of wine.  The room spun a little until she found herself on her knees beside Chuck on the bed.  Her hand wrapped around the warmth of his erection as she bent forward to find where to aim.  She felt his warmth and Candy’s wetness on her hand as she pushed him inside of the blonde.  She then licked the wet from her hand and tasted the salty sweet mixture of Candy.  As she watched the penetration closely, she realized that Chuck had one hand on her ass and was slowly lifting Mina’s skirt.

“Don’t stop,” he whispered as his penis slid in and out of Candy.

Mina leaned further forward and her tongue tasted both of them.  She loved the taste of Candy’s pussy and Chuck’s cock combined.  Her tongue pushed harder to taste more as she became oblivious to everything else going on.  That was, at least until Chuck’s fingers slipped inside Mina’s own pussy which brought about a gasp.

Candy giggled again.  “Come here, sugar,” she said and guided Mina up to her for a deep exchanging of tongues in a long kiss.  “I love your tongue.”

Mina blushed again.  She had never kissed another woman like this before.  Another thought of what she had not done before was quickly washed away as she felt the tip of Chuck’s cock pushing into her from behind now.

Candy pulled her close for another deep kiss.

The three continued on like this all night until dawn.

Cum still dripped from Mina’s pussy as Candy finally got off the bed and dressed.  Candy kissed both Chuck and Mina before heading off and out to her pre-scheduled cab.

Mina snuggled in closer to Chuck.  “Thank you,” she whispered.

“For what?” he asked, half asleep.

“I crave no more.”  She fell asleep in his arms.



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