Stream of Consciousness

Apparently I have one of these…a stream of consciousness…some days I am not certain how conscious I am, so perhaps it is more of a creek or even a leak.  Most of my writing, when not working on one of my fictional pieces, tends to come from this.

Always fascinates me how I can start one of these pieces are run from listening to the latest Mike + the Mechanics album to how the Muppet Animal is a great role model for those practicing BDSM…

“NO DRUMS! NO DRUMS!  JACK BLACK SAID NO DRUMS!” – Animal, The Muppets (2011 film)

Just thinking of Animal and it does seem odd that he wears a collar…who is his domme?  Who held him down long enough to get that fucker around his throat?

I apologize, as I am digressing.  Not actually sure from what, mind you.

Yesterday, I posted a second “Awesome” entry being I was going to see the fourth Underworld film, Underworld: Awakening yesterday afternoon.  I have been reading the fan reviews on IMDB and am convinced those people did not see the same film.  Somehow it has a 7.2 out of 10 rating, currently…for the record, I rated it a 2…yes, it was that bad.  Little to no story…Beckinsale is gorgeous to look at, but think I am now at the conclusion she could not act her way out of a wet paper bag if I opened it for her…even the special f/x were not up to par.  Bill Nighy might have been able to save that movie but, of course he was not in it.

Nighy is on par with the likes of John Malkovich and Michael Caine, for me…whatever these guys are in makes the film just seem classier.

Anyhow, then the evening was saved by attending a fantastic party at a friend’s…the type of party that has inspired a new set of stories that I will start posting this week for Wank and Wanton Wednesday.  Key term is “inspired” as what will happen in this set of stories has absolutely nothing to do with what actually happened at the party.  Although, y’all will understand once it posts on Tuesday evening.

First one is already done and already starting work on the second before the football games begin this afternoon.

Speaking of football…seems I still have a shot at my pick from April of the Baltimore Ravens to win it all.  Truth is, not sure I care who actually wins so long as they are good games going forward…and will admit that I am surprised that the NFL has finally broken from its conservative halftime shows after costume-gate with Janet and Justin by having Madonna *ahem* do the show this year.  Then again, as something of a football purist, last time I watched the half-time show was when U2 did it in 2002.

For the record…bad as Underworld: Awakening was…I’d still do Kate Beckinsale long before I’d even look at Madonna.  Just saying…

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