Moon Watcher

The Moon watched from her perch high above.

This evening’s entertainment, as she drifted over Toronto was the usual for the most part. Her sloth path carried her along the coast of Lake Ontario.

She did not like watching the violence, but that was common. She did enjoy seeing the people laughing, or walking their pets, or even as they kissed on the street corners. Tonight, however, her attention was drawn to a roof top at the corner of Bloor and Islington.

It was a cubish grey office building, so it was odd to see the couple on top of it at such an hour. The building had a few boxes on top of vents and white stucco stairwell casings. Steam lifted from a few points on the roof and provided more camouflage for the event.

Slowing her pass, the Moon slipped behind a cloud so she could watch the entire event.

The redhead wore a scarlet red dress, very plain and tight that came down to her thighs where her black boots nearly rose high up on her muscled legs. Her hair was straight and held in a tight pony tale. She was tall…very tall…aided, admittedly, by four inch heels on the boots, but still amazingly tall. Considering very little skin other than arms and face was visible, it was still a very erotic look.

Kneeling before her was a man with no hair on his head. His white tee and blue jeans were both tight and showing off muscles that simply should not exist.

The Moon moved a cloud aside for a better look. Most nights the playful clouds annoyed the Moon but, so far this evening, they were agreeable.

The man lifted one of the redhead’s legs and lay her thigh on his shoulder. Pushing the short red skirt up revealed no underwear.

Nice, the Moon thought.

He became a lapping dog between the redhead’s legs.

Too far back to see details, but the image tickled and aroused the Moon as she slipped behind another cloud.

For twenty minutes, the man continued to eat his treat with the redhead provided a louder and louder moaning soundtrack. The occasional car sounds from ten story below were the only other sounds the Moon heard.

The bald man gentle put the pvc sheathed leg back on the ground and stood. He turned the redhead around and bent her forward against the stucco wall of the stairwell. He made quick work of dropping his jeans to knee level.

His erection was impressive and the Moon approved.

Bending further forward, the redhead accepted the length into her and providing a louder happy moan. Her good sized bosom began to bounce with the movement.

His hand smacked her bottom hard enough to leave a red welt. He kept increasing the pace of his pumping into her.

The clouds grew thicker and began to block the Moon’s view. No, not now you bastards, she thought before losing her misty view entirely.

Rain rhythm took over the sounds.

“Fuck, yes!” a female voice screamed followed by another hard smack of hand on flesh…or so the Moon assumed.

The Moon found an opening and found the couple again.

Now the redhead, with much darker rain soaked hair, was completely naked except for the boots and now on her back. She lay on top of a vent with steam billowing out all around. The man, also naked, was viciously pounded his cock into her as his head glistened. The couple seemed to enjoy the rain falling upon their coupling. The man lifted the redhead’s legs so each one rested on one of his shoulders.

Final sight that the Moon had was actually watching the penetration of the muscled man’s enormous penis into the redhead. As lightning flashed, he was the Vampire atop his prey pushing deeper and pretzel bending the redhead so they could exchange tongues in a kiss. The clouds, however, wanted the view for themselves and shut out the Moon from any further snapshots.

Later, during their normal early morning coffee meeting, the Sun glared at the Moon.

His fingers drummed the table for a moment and he sipped his drink. “Damn it. Why does no one do this during the daylight?”

The Moon shrugged and could not keep her face from forming a silly grin.


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