To His Master’s Rescue

“Yeah, right there.”

Echo looked around, but could not see where the voice came from.  His brown hair was ruffled and his brown eyes searched the hallway.

“Fuck, yes…right there,” the woman’s voice insisted.

Echo sniffed the air and wandered towards the open door.  He peeked around and saw his master on the bed.

She lay on her back, brunette curls spread on the pillow beneath her head.  Her belly heaved as she squirmed and moaned quietly.  Her slim muscled body shifted beneath the weight…

Echo’s eyes widened.

…of the beast eating her.

Master, no! Echo thought and sprang to the rescue.  His tiny legs had him attacking the beast in three strides.  Two quick barks and Echo’s teeth sank into the naked ass of the beast that was eating his master.

The beast screamed and flailed his arms at Echo.

Echo’s plan, however, had succeeded, as the beast stopped eating his master.

“ECHO!” Master screamed.  “BAD ECHO!”

Echo froze and thought, Did I do something wrong?  He glanced about the room.  Master stood over him shaking her finger.  Echo found it odd that she was naked, not something she was often.  What did I do?

Master bent down and picked Echo up.  Her blue eyes glared at him.  “Bad dog.  What the fuck are you doing?”

Echo licked her face as he was carried back to the bed with her.  I’m sorry, Master.  I just want to protect you.

His paws rested on her breasts as she lay back down.  He glanced at the beast as he lowered his head to rest on his paws.

The beast’s face was still red.  “Fucking dog.”

“SHUT UP!” Master yelled.  “Now, back to work.”


Master’s hand was fast as it grabbed the horsewhip on the bed beside her and struck Beast’s shoulder with it leaving a large red welt.

Beast cried out.

“I said you get the fuck back to work.”

Beast bent forward and began to eat again.  The collar on his neck jingled as he licked.

Echo, wanting to save Master, tried to stand but his little body was restrained by her arms.

“Echo, stay,” she instructed.

Yes, Master.  He licked the gray streaks amongst the brown  fur on his paw and, though restrained, he kept one very close eye on Beast.  No one eats my master.


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