Define Kink

What is “kink”?


 Noun:  A sharp twist or curve in something that is otherwise straight.
Verb:  Form or cause to form a sharp twist or curve.
Synonym:  Twist

I once told someone that everyone has a kink in them…at least one…they just may not have found it yet.  I truly believe this.

It could be as simple as drooling over a woman in thigh-high boots…to needing to cross-dress and wear clown make-up in order to get off.  For the record, I have not met any clown make-upped cross-dressers yet, but I am certain they are out there.

However, when looking at the picture above…the first question in my mind is:  ”

I wonder if they are anatomically correct?

The second, I suspect, was equally as obvious a question:

Why isn’t he pulling her hair?

Regardless, at least they seem to be enjoying it.


  1. I was thinking – British Gas guys, oops I dropped a spanner mmmm 😉 also saw a gay scene here!