Watching the Watchers

Tuesday, April 17, 2012, about 5 AM

“Dawn, NO!” Mike tried to grab her shoulder as she ran past the tech across the icy sidewalks of 17th Avenue Southwest.

Tears streaming from her eyes.  She yelled back over her shoulder, “Mike, I’ll kill you if this is a joke.”  Her wet sneakers squeaked as she entered the building through the glass door and started up the stairs to the right two at a time.  A few officers, some she recognized, were waiting around for instructions and watched the tiny brunette charging.  At the top, on the balcony over looking the lobby, she turned left and found the entry way to the downtown location of “Exquisite Fitness”.

The lights were mostly off except for where a group of RCMP detectives and metro police were mulling around a scene.  The exterior walls were all glass and gave a nighttime view of the downtown snow storm that had just begun and was going to make for a blinding commute in to work for most in another hour.

Moe’s head turned and saw her coming from across the room and through the maze of workout equipment.  “Peter,” he spoke to the uniformed metro policeman beside him and pointed towards Dawn.  “We can’t let her in here.”

Dawn’s brunette hair was down and swaying as she made her way through the weights and elipticals and past the tears on her cheeks.  “Is it?”  Her eyes caught sight of a small black suitcase laying on it’s side near the far window.

Friday, April 13, 2012, Just after 9 PM

“I’m home!”

Dawn was mid sip of her rum and Coke as the smile appeared and she felt the liquid almost slip down the wrong pipe.  A quick light cough and, grinning ear to ear, the tiny brunette was on her feet leaving her weapon and badge on the kitchen table.  Her black bra was over top of black harem-style pajama bottoms.  She stepped from the kitchen and smiled even wider.  “About fucking time.”

Danni wrapped her slim arms around Dawn’s neck and pushed her back against the wall as her walking cane fell to the floor.

The two women embraced and kissed deeply.

Dawn, nearly sobbed, “I’ve missed you.”

“I know.”  Danni smiled and giggled.  “Joseph told me.”

“Not Moe?”

Danni mocked surprise.  “Him to, you horny bitch.  I was only gone a week.”

They kissed deeply again.

One eyebrow cocked in a Spockian stare, Danni asked, “Still horny?”

A quick bite of Danni’s neck before Dawn answered, “That’s a joke, right?”  She opened the buttons on Danni’s black trench coat and found nothing but flesh.  “I see you came prepared.  Besides, pussy tastes so much better than cock.”

“Ha!  Slut!”


Both were naked by the time they hit the floor.  Dawn continued her exploration of her lover’s neck before heading lower to bite the curvy blonde’s ample nipples and then slowly making her way lower to explore the difference in taste from cock to pussy.

Danni moaned her agreement as she felt the tongue entering her with fingers and even nose.  Spreading her legs wider and grabbing at her own breasts before screaming through what would be her first orgasm of the night.

The pair then flipped over.

Unlike Dawn’s brunette curls, Danni’s blonde hair was short and pixie allowing for blue on blue eye contact between the women as the plump blonde social worker ate the slim brunette cop.

The couple than, picking up the cane, made their way to the bedroom where the scene was played out and each screamed to orgasms brought on by hands, lips, giggles and laughs.

As they cuddled, Dawn lay on her side with her hand lightly stroking the pubic hair between Danni’s legs.  “I love you,” she whispered.

Danni responded with a tongue exchanging kiss before her head flopped back on the bed.

“So…how was Edmonton?”

Another laugh.  “It was fucking Edmonton.  Three weeks there and I am surprised the blood in my head didn’t freeze.”

Dawn bit at the large left nipple her head nuzzled against.

“Mom needed me, though.  Tried to set me up with the nice single Catholic man across the street.”

“I thought your mom liked me,” Dawn stopped waiting for this answer.

“She does.  I have a bad feeling dad’s death has done something though.  She’s forgotten a lot.”

Dawn felt the tension release from stress and worry to sadness for her lover and lover’s mother.  “I’m sorry.”

“Sixty year marriage, and he dies unexpected.  I guess I should have known it could damage her.  She was showing signs of dementia before.”

“You’ll have to go back?”

A sigh and Danni’s head nodded.  “I’m only home for the weekend.  I had to see you, my love.  I have to fly back Monday morning.”

Dawn turned from the breast and kissed her again.  “I’m glad you did come home.  I understand, though.”  Her hand traced across Danni’s ample belly.  “Could you do me a favour, though?” she asked in near whisper.


“Buy a fucking cell phone.”

Danni’s laugh was a scream as she playfully smacked the younger woman.  “You know I can’t deal with those.”

“I know, but I want to talk to you more.”

Blue eyes met again before Danni responded.  “Speaking of talking.  Why was your gun on the table?”

“It’s the Gigolo Case.”


“The fucking Herald referred to him as The Gigolo when they reported on the eighth murder.”

Danni nodded, but remained silent.

“This fucker is, I don’t know, it is like he is on the tip of my tongue.  I know about the murders before the calls come through.  I am starting to think I am taking it too personally and it is affecting me.”

“I smelled the rum on your breath earlier.”

A sigh came from Dawn as a tear slipped down her cheek.  “I only had one.”

“I know.”  Danni pulled her tight and kissed her deeply again.  “No more, though.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“So what is next for your case?”

“Moe told me to take the weekend off and not to think about it until Monday morning.”

“Smart man.  Let’s take his advice and not talk shop anymore.”  Danni leaned over and turned off the light.  “On Sunday, you’re buying me a cell phone and teaching me how to use the fucker so I can be there for you.”

Dawn smiled and hugged her tightly.

Monday, April 16, 2012, about 6 AM

“One more kiss.”  Dawn got up on her tip toes and kissed Danni.  “Give my love to your mother, and I’ll see you Saturday.”

“I will.  I’m glad you’ll be with me.”  Danni hugged her tightly.  “Anyway, I have to go.  My airport shuttle will be over at the Best Western in twenty minutes.”

Rolling eyes, Dawn said, “And I really should go to work.” She stepped back and obliviously caressed her hip holster.  She pulled the door open.  “Safe trip, my love.”

Danni stepped past using her walking cane and dragging the small rolling case along behind her.  “Love you and see you soon.”  She stepped into the hall and pushed the elevator button.

The two silently gazed at each other in silence for thirty seconds until the bong of the elevator announcing its arrival.

One last grin.  “Slut,” Danni whispered before disappeared inside.

“Bitch,” Dawn whispered back and closed the door.  She walked to the kitchen with a big smile to find her gun and badge on the table where she had left them.  Filling the holster and putting away the badge, she walked out to the living room and watched out the window on the front walk seven floors below as she saw Danni making her way down the snow-cleared path and out to the sidewalk before turning left.

Her eyes were drawn across the street to the church with the wrought iron fence.  A tall man with long blonde hair held in a pony-tail leaned against one of the gray brick pillars holding the fencing.  He wore all black and his skin was pale enough to blend in with snow.  Dawn returned her eyes to Danni, just in time to see the plump woman vanish past the trees as she trundled off to her bus.

A green Chevy Optra passed quietly along the road in the other direction with massive exhaust to prove how cold it was out there.

Dawn’s gaze returned to the man across the street whom, just for a moment, she felt was looking directly at her and smiling.

With a mock salute, he turned and walked the same direction as Danni had.

Dawn felt all the blood drain from her face.  “No,” she whispered.  “Dawn, babe, you’re seeing things.”  Shaking her head, she went to get coffee and to book her flight to Edmonton for Friday evening.  It would be a nice surprise to see the blonde pixie hair cut and beautiful blue eyes a day before expected.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012, about 5 AM

“Is it her?”

“Dawn, you shouldn’t be here.”

“Moe, shut the fuck up and let me through.”

Peter, the metro police officer who was obviously spawned by giants, stood in Dawn’s way.

Dawn glared at the seven foot man.  “Get the fuck out of my way or say goodbye to your balls.”

“DAWN!” Moe stepped over a work out machine and grasped her by the shoulders.  “Get out and I will get you details later.”

“Moe, I have a right…”

Moe closed his eyes and turned to Peter.  “Can you handle her?”

Giant that he was, Peter’s stance near melted.  He had long had a crush on the tiny brunette whom he was blocking, but had never said such.  “Yes, sir.”

Moe waved his hand at him to step aside and let them pass.

Peter stepped back and then followed directly behind Dawn, already anticipating.

Dawn stepped around the last machine and saw the pixie blonde hair and smiling blue eyes first.  A choking sob escaped from her lips as she took in the image of her naked lover strewn between the barbells.  “No, it can’t…”  She turned and sobbed into Peter’s belly and began hammering at his chest with both forearms.

Peter barely felt the assault, but allowed himself to hug the tiny woman.  He wanted to weep with her, pick her up and carry her somewhere safe.

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