present participle of con·di·tion (Verb)

  1. Have a significant influence on or determine (the manner or outcome of something).
  2. Train or accustom (someone or something) to behave in a certain way or to accept certain circumstances.

Say what you will, we have all been conditioned.  We all have labels that, like it or not, we were born with.  To a certain degree, every single person is told how to think…do this…don’t do that…don’t hit your brother…you wouldn’t like that…and so many more.

Who is to say what is what?  Welcome to conditioning…

Is the sky blue?  Is water wet?  Who decided these things?

Recently had a discussion with someone who claimed to be born without labels.  Very naive concept that many believe should be the way, but unless a child is somehow born alone and able to get along without any parental influence as they make their way through the world…bullshit.  This discussion stemmed from a Tweet I had made about every child being born atheist and religion coming from the home.  To people claiming no labels, did your parents not name you?

The issue is in distinguishing between innocent conditioning and intentioned conditioning.

Innocent conditioning is in teaching our children not to run in front of moving cars.  Innocent conditioning is a courting ritual between two potential lovers where neither is intending to change the other.  This is a natural conditioning that goes on all around us, every day, every minute.

Intentioned conditioning comes from advertising…

Buy now to keep up with the Jonses!

Intentioned conditioning comes from religion…

We are a Christian family.

Intentioned conditioning comes from big brother…

We have security cams installed on every street corner…for your protection.

Sometimes I wish people would just turn it off, whatever it is, and just live instead of exposing ourselves to the intentional conditioning of those that would control us.

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