Amongst Amazons

“I’ll be with that one?”

Sam spun around and looked at the group of women across the room.  “Which one?”

Tim allowed a sly grin to creep across his lips.  “Light brunette with the odd streaks in…”

“The tall one?”

“This is what I’m saying, the tall one.”

“You want to spend the night with her?”  Sam turned back and glared at his friend.  “You want to fuck the Amazon?”

“See, I knew you’d understand.”  Tim sipped from his drink.  “Those legs, man.  I just want those legs to constrict around me.”

“The tall one?”

Tim nodded.  “One cannot live on short Irish women alone.”

“Are you talking about my wife?”

With one hand up in defense Tim sipped again from his short glass.  “I only slept with her once…and long before you met her.”

A mock frown formed on Sam’s face.  “My wife is awesome.”

“She was…I mean she is, but not that I know this anymore, so I’ll take your word for it.”

Sam laughed.

“Do you know her name?”

“My wife is Megan.  I’m amazed you’d forget that.”

“No, duffous, the brunette and red streaked Amazon.”

With a laugh Sam glanced back at the women.  “Oh, think that would be Amy.  She’s talking with my wife there, have you met Megan?”  Sam sipped from his beer tankard.  “So you want to sleep with the tall one.”

“This is what I’m saying…”


“Hey, sexy.”

Tim woke with a smile to those words.

The sun spread its wings inside through the window and gave just enough light for the room.  Outside the apartment window was the daily hustle and bustle going on for the six AM crowd.

“Hey, yourself.”  He kissed her forehead which currently rested on his shoulder with his arm around her beneath the covers.

As was customary for a weekday morning, the radio alarm snapped on at 6:02 AM

He heard one guitar!  It just blew him away…

The voice of Lou Gramm screamed out in the room.

“I was having a nice dream.”  He closed his eyes for a moment.

“About what?”

“The night we met.”

“Mommy?”  The tiny voice came from the door to the bed room.

She pulled up from Tim’s arm and sat up to look at the little girl standing in the door frame.  “Megan?  What’s wrong, honey?”

Megan, like her mother, was tall.  She was tall enough that, at eleven, she was often mistaken for a 18-year-old.  Her blonde hair was held in a tight braid that swayed just at the top of her shoulders.  “I had a bad dream.”

Tim glanced up at the painting over the queen sized bed.  He figured it was simply a swish of blue that never quite went with the room Santa Fe orange and green colours.  His mind wandered back to holding that drink while discussing with Sam as he ignored the muffled voices in the room.


His attention turned back to the woman on the bed with her.  “Yes, Amy?”

“Do you mind?”

“I’m sorry, mind what?”  He turned to Megan with a sly grin.  “Did I miss another memo?”

The young girl playfully smacked his shoulder.  “Daddy.”  She mocked him and laughed.

Tim lifted the blankets, showing off his well padded torso currently covered by a brown tee-shirt with an open-mouthed Gonzo the Great featured in the centre.  “Get in here, darlin’.”

Megan jumped in between them.  “I want to go to school.”  Her lips almost pouted the words out.

“Awww.”  Amy hugged her tightly.

He glanced outside into the sunlight and returned.  “One problem, hon.”

Megan’s blue eyes looked deep into his.  “What?”

“It’s summer.”

“What am I going to do for two months?”

He shrugged, but a grin slowly slipped onto his face.

Amy scowled at him.  “Tim, don’t.”

Tim rolled his eyes in a bad attempt to regain his composure.


“I can’t say, hon.  No idea what you’ll do.  You’ll do great things, though.  Of that I’m sure.”

Megan cuddled in and closed her eyes.

Tim glanced back at the door.  “Where are your brothers?”

“Vance is still sleeping and I think Graham is practicing his guitar.”

“Okay, well get a little more sleep and then we need to get moving.”

Amy sighed, announcing that she thought he had said too much.

“Moving where, daddy?”

Tim reached across his daughter and squeezed Amy’s hand.  “We have some housework is all.  Nothing too serious.”

“Okay dad.  Love you.”

His blue eyes stared into Amy’s greens.  “I love you, too.”

Later, as the Megan and her twin 13-year-old brothers were off getting dressed, Amy wrapped her arms around him pulling Tim back from the dishes he was trying to clean.  “I thought you had blown it earlier.”

“So did I.”  He twisted for a quick kiss before continuing his washing duties.

“Are you packed?”

He nodded.  “Everything is ready.”

“The kids are going to be completely shocked.”

“Yeah, and I’m not sure they will be overly happy at first.”

Amy pulled her arms free and grabbed a dish towel to work on the breakfast bowls now drying beside the sink.  She was almost as tall as Tim, even in bare feet.

“Are you packed?”

She nodded with a smile.  “I’m ready, Captain.”  A mock salute snapped quickly, followed by a giggle.

Putting the last dish down, releasing the water and quickly drying his hands on a second towel.  “Are you sure, now?”  He stepped behind her.

“Yes, sir.”

He lifted her night-shirt over her hips.

Amy half heartedly tried to stop him.  “The kids…”

“Are fighting over the bathroom.  We have time.”  He slipped his own pajama  bottoms down and pushed into her.

Amy groaned lightly and leaned on the counter with her elbows.

“Besides.”  He thrust in quietly but forcefully.  “Will be a very long time before we can do this here again.”

“If ever again.”  She lifted a hand to her mouth as an orgasm quickly took her.

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