In The Stairwell

factory-1055868 erotica“Just the bill, please,” Clark said with a smile.

The skinny blonde waitress jotted it down. “How was the meal?”

“The asparagus was fantastic.”

She collected the plates and silverware off the table. “I’ll have your bill shortly.” A quick turn on her heels and she vanished into the darkness.

“I love the tablecloths,” Brenda said, pinching the burgundy fabric between her fingers.

The table was round, surrounded by the same burgundy fabric on the booth benches. A single candle illuminated the table. Other, similar tables lined the opposite wall of the tiny restaurant but were empty.

Brenda squirmed.

“Stop that,” Clark whispered and his fingers pushed into her. “We don’t want to draw too much attention.”

“Of course not, sir,” she sighed and allowed her legs to spread just a bit more.

The waitress passed with food on a tray for another invisible table down further.

Brenda hummed a moan to keep it quiet. Her head bowed forward, so her brunette locks fell just past her shoulders. Her navy blouse looked black in the darkness of the restaurant and matched the skirt that Clark had bunched up in her lap so his fingers could probe between her legs.

Pulling his hand from between her legs, he tasted his fingers and quickly returned them. Leaning in close, his deep┬ávoice growled in a whisper, “You’re ready.”

“Ready for what?” she gasped her question.

“We are going to leave the restaurant. There is a stairwell in the old office building next door. There I will bend you over and fuck you until we are both spent. You must not scream, or I will redden your ass.

“Yes, sir.”

Clark’s middle finger danced on her clit briefly. “Then I will send you home with cum dripping. You will not speak of this to anyone until we do it again.”

Brenda nodded. Her green eyes were picking up the light from the flame.

The waitress returned with the bill and credit card machine.

Clark quickly wiped his fingers on the table-cloth before his hand appeared above the table with his credit card. His grey hair and full beard almost seemed blonde in the flickering light. He squinted over his glasses trying to read the machine.

“May I, sir?” Brenda whispered and took the machine. She punched in a tip and his PIN before slipping his card out and handing it back to him.

“Thank you so much. See you same time next week,” the waitress said with a smile.

“Of course,” Clark said as he slid around the table and to his feet. He then helped Brenda to her’s. Turning her around, he helped her into her coat.

They walked out of the restaurant and onto the downtown sidewalk. Quite the couple to be seen in the street lights.

Brenda, in her knee-high boot heels that clicked on the snowy pavement, was nearly a head taller than Clark. Her skirt fell to just above her knees. She looked about twenty-five, athletic and model-like.

Clark, who was 65, wore a tan tweed overcoat that matched his three-piece suit. Many thought he was a dead ringer for Ed Asner. Black boots beneath his pants kept his feet warm as he held Brenda’s hand and led her to the next building north of where they had eaten.

“Perfect,” Brenda whispered as they walked in.

Clark pulled her slowly through the dark, deserted lobby to a door. Opening it for her, he then followed her in.

The stairwell, already dark, went nearly pitch as the door clicked shut behind them.

No words were exchanged as Clark guided her to the last floor in front of the steps. With one hand on her back and one on her hips, he bent her forward with silent instruction. Lifting her skirt, he bunched and draped it, so her pantiless ass was barely visible in the dark.

The only sound beyond the hum of the building’s furnace was a quick zip.

Brenda inhaled a gasp as she felt the tip of Clark’s cock push into her. Her hands held her balance on one of the steps. She arched her back as she felt one of his hands grab a handful of her brunette and pull. Soon she muffled squeals as he jack-hammered into her. Her orgasm was fast, much faster than expected, and a slight yelp escaped her lips as her exclamation point of it.

His balls continued to slap against her clitoris and his thumb on his free hand pushed into her ass nearly knuckle deep.

Brenda sighed as she felt his warm semen erupt into her and then his torso almost collapse on top of her.

For a moment, the motion stopped.

His penis, a shadow of its erect self, still lingered inside her as he caught his breath. Finally, he pulled out and quickly zipped up before helping her to straighten out her clothes.

Brenda leaned down and gave him a long deep kiss and then an amorous hug. “Wow,” she whispered in his ear.

“You make me so happy.” He gave her throat a quick kiss

Slowly they wandered back out of the stairs, through the lobby and into the street again. Snow drifted down making the late evening darkness vanish as it reflected all the lights.

Clark stood at the edge of the sidewalk and waited to flag down a cab.

Finally, Brenda broke the silence. “Speaking of happy, I read the chapters you submitted.”

Clark’s blue eyes widened, and he turned back to her.

She smiled. “I think we have another best seller.”

His face melted into a smile. “Really?”

She nodded. “Margaret would be so proud.”

His eyes now showed a mix of emotions flooding over him. “She would, wouldn’t she.” A single tear left a trail down his left cheek.

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