Cowherd at the Crime Scene

Beth slammed down onto the bed in a splash of pillows and giggles. Her brunette hair splayed out beneath her.

Steve was on her before she could move, slamming his erection into her, he became a jackhammer.

Birds chirped outside the open hotel room window, completely oblivious to the violent love happening inside the room.  The sky, long since dark, was covering over with a blanket of clouds.  A bottle of Merlot, now half empty, waited to be finished off on the side table as its henchmen, two empty plastic cups, awaited their refills.

Squealing with delight and pleasure, Beth wrapped her legs around him and locked at the ankles. She pulled him deeper with each thrust as his pelvis smacked into her with an audible slap.

The couple wrestled on the bed and Steve allowed Beth to turn him over and climb on top. Steve was a large, mountain of a man with greying blonde hair and a dyed blonde mustache. He reached down with his left hand and smacked her ass.

Beth screamed and giggled more. “That one’s gonna leave a mark.”

Steve began to wind up for a second.


He did, arm in mid air. “What?”

“I have an idea.” She dismounted his cock, causing an actual pop as it came out of her pussy. Her naked body glistened with sweat as she walked three steps to her purse. Turning back with a smile she said, “Close your eyes.”

“With how dark it is in here, I’m not seeing much anyway, but okay.”  He did as instructed and heard a metallic clunk. “What are you doing?”

“You’ll see.” Silence followed except the padding of her feet back to the bed.

Steve smiled as she mounted his face and gave him a mouthful of her wet pussy. His tongue quickly pushed into her for more taste. He allowed Beth to pull his arm and then felt the metal of the handcuff close around his right wrist. The same thing with his left.

“Now open those pretty blue eyes,” she whispered through a moan. Dismounting his face, she crawled back down his torso and caressed his cock with one hand before pulling him back in for a reverse cowgirl

Steve enjoyed the show as her back arched almost causing her hair to cover her ass.

After a few moans and a quickening pace, Beth soon began to scream with pleasure. Bending forward and resting her hands on his knees she continued to rock back on him. Her orgasm peaked just as Steve’s semen exploded into her.

After a few last slow thrusts she leaned back and lay on him.

His cock, now just a memory of its former erection, slipped from her slick pussy and rested against her thigh.

“And then you fell asleep?”

“Yes, woke up and was able to get my foot on the phone and dialed the front desk.” Steve glanced at the police officer sipping coffee across from him at the small table in the hotel room. “I never asked them to call you.”

“They weren’t going to search you for keys. The front desk clerk, Serge, said it was like that scene from Sherlock Holmes.  Considering she left the key under the sheets with you, that’s a perfect example.”  The wooden chair creaked beneath his weight.  Constable Larry Cowherd’s blue police shirt, as usual, had sweat stains at the arm pits and his belly protected his black leather belt from ever seeing the light of day.  He glanced at his notes.  “You said her name was Beth, right?”

“Yeah.”  Steve took a sip of his own coffee.

He rapped his big thick pickle fingers on the table a few times before shaking his head.  “And she didn’t take anything?”

“Nope.  Two hundred and fifty dollars cash still in my wallet.”


Steve chuckled.  “You’re kidding, right?”

Cowherd shook his head.  “I’m dating the wrong women.”

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